Miley Cyrus Spotted With NO Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus Spotted With NO Engagement Ring

Miley Cyrus was caught walking around with no engagement ring on, gasp….  Miley Cyrus is adamant that the Miley Cyrus/Liam Hemsworth wedding is still very much on but for how much longer, with all the rumors of cheating going on. reports: “Miley still wants to get married”, adding that they have “always had a very passionate relationship. They have a very strong physical attraction, but have very different personalities and backgrounds. This makes their relationship very complicated.”

Miley does everything for attention lately. Everyone must know everything regardless if you even bother to open your mouth. I am not sure the no ring does not mean anything.  However, if Liam is cheating then I am sure the wedding is surely off.  My guess is the two were too young to get engaged and perhaps they are regretting their decision.

To find out who Earsucker thinks Liam Hemsworth is cheating with head over to visit her site HERE!

What do you think Hiccupers is it dunzo for Miley and Liam?  Hit the comments with you thoughts!


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