Russell Brand Sued Over Los Angeles Car Accident — Allegedly Ran Someone Over

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Russell Brand needs to pay up for the damages he has caused, Victor Sneed has said. The American citizen was left shaking after he was run over by the famous comedian back in January 2012, just days after filed to divorce his ex-wife, Katy Perry. Could the break-up have had something to do with why he wasn’t focused while driving? Maybe.

Whatever the case, Victor doesn’t care; he wants to see thousands of dollars in his bank account from Russell after suing him for personal injury and property damage, alongside the expensive hospital bills that had to be paid from his own money. $185,000 is what he is supposedly asking for, and nothing less – Sneed wasn’t aware that he could be claiming so much money from the actor until he got in touch with a new lawyer.

The court documents read that Victor was severly damaged on his left hand, left arm, left hip, left wrist and left hip — so it’s clear that this car accident wasn’t minor. We’re wondering what Russell actually did at the time of the crash; did he just drive off or did he actually tell the fella he would pay for the damages? Hmm.

Well, Russell has already paid $45,000 for the medical expenses but refuses to pay the rest that is being asked for because he “denies both generally and specifically each, every and all of the allegations contained in the complaint”. Oh, something tells us this is going to get nasty! Let the drama begin.

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  1. DivaWhispers says

    Oh Russell…Katy did a number on you…if you hit someone pay up please

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