Ben Affleck Taking A Break From Acting After His Oscar Win: “I’ve Been Eating Ice Cream On The Couch”

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Ben Affleck Golden Globes

Ben Affleck is enjoying life now that he has another Oscar in his cupboard full of trophies and awards he has won throughout his career. The actor has confirmed he’ll be taking a break from the film industry now that he has another Academy Award behind his belt – because everyone knows if you don’t take a break sooner or later, your movies will end up being crap.

Yes, when you overwork yourself, you tend to drift off course, so Ben is doing the right thing by relaxing at home and eating a lot of ice cream… he’ll then get fat, go to the gym and feel like a new man. Haha! We kid, we kid. But on a serious note, it’s great to see the actor doing this; now he’ll get to spend more time with his children and his wife Jennifer Garner – who were rumored to be splitting up last month.

Affleck told Us Weekly: “Luckily, I’ve been able to just enjoy my good fortune the last couple of weeks, just sit back and take it in, not do anything, eat ice cream on the couch. It’s been a nice time, hanging out with my wife, that sort of thing, and we’re enjoying it.”

The 40-year old then continued by saying: “Now, when I go out and spend my time at events I can choose events like this that have some cause, some benefit other than trying to go after something for my movie. Nothing is wrong with that, but it’s also important to balance that with this type of activity that feels good.”

Good for him, we think that every actor needs a break, especially once they have won something as big as an Oscar. That’s pretty much the highlight of a career. So in order to do that again and again and again, you need to refuel your energy by just relaxing a little and enjoying your life with family and friends before you get back to work and hope you can win another.

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