Brandi Glanville Starts Beef With Chelsea Handler, Says She Made Out With Her Brother

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Oh Brandi Glanville needs to learn how to shut her mouth at times, because starting a feud with Chelsea Handler isn’t a  road you want to go down on. According to reports, the Real Housewives starlet is beefing with the comedian after Handler had made some remarks in regards to the women on the Bravo hit show — Chelsea was far from impressed on how these “ladies” act on the show.

The very outspoken Brandi then told Andy Cohen on his show, Watch What Happens Live, that when Handler made a recent appearance, she was absolutely horrible and sucked at “trying” to be funny and entertaining. “She sucked on your show,” Brandi said of Chelsea’s appearance on Andy’s show last week. “She was horrible. She wasn’t funny, it was completely awkward.”

Brandi has supposedly had an ongoing feud with the Chelsea for several reasons; she has made out with her assistant and her brother, which definitely seemed to have rubbed her in the wrong way, which would explain why she has been throwing the reality star under the bus. When you don’t like someone, you publicly bash them on national television. HA.

“We know each other,” Brandi said. “We have the same gay gent, and I made out with her lesbian and her assistant and her brother!” Ooh, I can’t wait to see what Chelsea has to say in response to this.

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