Hackers Not Only Stole Information But Also Tried to Use Beyonce’s Personal Details

Hackers Not Only Stole Information But Also Tried to Use Beyonce's Personal Details

It was only a matter of time before this little nugget leaked out.  Remember those Russian hacker’s that CDL told you about? The hackers managed to hack into the credit histories of big names like Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and ever the first lady, Michelle Obama’s history has been leaked to the general public. Their credit reports, Social Security numbers and other confidential information became available to the entire world with a click of the mouse.

Now comes word that  people have actually taken this information and attempted to use it for illegal purposes. Shocking right? Not so much. It was only a matter of time before that happened and frankly I’m surprised it didn’t happen almost immediately! These celebs must be flippin! You know how you or I would act if our info was  out there in a way that could affect our credit. Imagine if you’re Beyonce with a million dollar empire!

One interesting thing that has come out of this is the actual ability to see how much liquid cash they have in the bank. Kim Kardashian pays 25K a month to rent her home but only has 10K in her bank account. Can you imagine have 25K to spend just on a roof over your head? If she’s worth so much then where is she actually keeping her money?  It’s not in her bank account! Maybe does momager Kris Jenner control her finances or better yet is baby daddy, Kanye West footing the bill?  Maybe the bulk of Kim’s cash goes to her mom and she’s too dense to even realize that Kris is skimming off the top!

Do you feel sorry for the celebs that have been hacked? Tell us your thoughts in the comments berlow!

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