Kylie Jenner To Join Scientology – Kris Jenner Terrified

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Kylie Jenner To Join Scientology - Kris Jenner Terrified

Kylie Jenner could soon be joining Scientology if she continues dating teen star, Jaden Smith, a report has said. The youngest Jenner and Jaden were spotted together in London as they watched several of Justin Bieber‘s shows which Smith happened to be the opening act for, but seeing Kylie fly out to Britain to support her boyfriend made it pretty official they were dating.

And while this looks like a great business decision for Kris, knowing that she will get an all-access pass into the lives of A-list celebrities such as Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, a close pal has told her that she needs to watch out about that particular family as they are said to be involved in Scientology, which Kris is totally against.

So why exactly is Kris fearing that Jenner will end up joining Scientology if Jaden persuades her? Well, according to sources, members of Scientology are allowed to control your finances and business decisions on whatever the family tend to bring out to their millions of fans. Definitely not something that Kris wants to deal with; she works hard for the money and definitely wouldn’t want it to be going to someone else who is not in her family. Which makes sense.

“They were going to be the new Kardashian ‘celebrity couple,’” a close insider explained. “Kris’ mind was go­ing a mile a minute thinking about all of the business deals she could make in the teen market. But after pals alerted her to the Smith fami­ly’s attachment to Scientology, she started having second thoughts about the relationship.”

Though the Smiths strongly deny that they have anything to do with Scientology, they are still donating hefty amounts of paychecks to the church because their good friend, Tom Cruise, tends to give them excuses on why it would be a great cause for them to help him make Scientology even better than it already is .Hmm, Tom is a weirdo, and if the Smiths are part of this, so are they. Kris seems to be in the right for the first time. Ha.

Image credit: Diane Cohen/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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  1. Divawhispers says

    this is crazy…don’t you think?

  2. Gossipwelove says


  3. monkeysuit says

    Is she being groomed for Tom Cruise?

  4. Ms. Toni says

    I hope she chooses a path that’s right for her. On another note, she’s grown into a beautiful young woman.

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