Kevin Clash Voice Of Elmo Had Crystal Meth Sex Parties

Kevin Clash Voice Of Elmo Had Crystal Meth Sex Parties

Elmo is being sued, actually Kevin Clash the voice of Elmo is being sued by a man who is claiming that Kevin lured him into sex parties.  Sheldon Stephens who was 16 at the time claims that Kevin induced him into crystal meth parties through a party he attended.

TMZ has the scoop here: “Stephens claims he was taken to Clash’s New York lair by chauffeured limo.  While there, he alleges Clash smoked crystal meth during their sexual escapades.  He says Clash also gave him poppers to intensify the experience.  And, Stephens says, the chauffeur was in on it … the driver allegedly masturbated while watching Clash and Stephens have sex.”

Kevin was on Sesame Street as the voice of Elmo from 1985 to 2012.  He resigned in late 2012.  Originally Kevin made a cash settlement with Sheldon, but Sheldon backed out because part of the agreement required he admit his claims were lies.  Sheldon was unwilling to do that and that is why he is suing again.

It looks like in all those years on Sesame Street, Kevin was doing a lot more than tickling Elmo.  Hope they throw the book at him, just saying….

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