Kim Kardashian Already Planning Her Tummy Tuck After Giving Birth

Kim Kardashian Already Planning Her Tummy Tuck After Giving Birth

Kim Kardashian is so upset about her new pregnant figure that she’s already considering getting a tummy tuck once she has given birth to her child to Kanye West. We recently reported how the reality star has already gained 65lbs and she’s only half way through he pregnancy, so it’s very likely that number will double once she gets ready to pop.

But thanks to her great connections with surgeons in Los Angeles, Kim is planning to have her stomach back to how it was before she got knocked up in no time — this is purposely done because the 32-year old star can’t see herself working out every day to get her body back in shape. She’ll have a child to take care of and we’re sure Kanye won’t want Kim to look all flabby in certain areas.

It’s shocking to hear that Kris Jenner has actually asked her daughter NOT to do go under the knife to get back to her old body, but Kim won’t listen. She thinks that getting in shape can take up to a year and once she pops, she wants to get back to her photo shoots and get that money!! She has a point; she isn’t that good looking forever, so she better get that tummy tuck and make her modeling career last as long as it can.

Kim’s auntie, Joan Kardashian, explained: “She can have a tummy tuck, which will take care of most of her weight fears. The family’s trying to convince Kim to relax and worry about losing the weight months from now. Other than her belly, which is still rather flat, every part of her body has ballooned. And this is with Kim holding to a strict diet. Imagine if she let herself go?”

We wish Kim the best of luck, though we’re not shocked at her consideration to go under the knife.


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