Angelina Jolie Picture With Wedding Ring – Did Angie and Brad Pitt Get Married?

Angelina Jolie Picture With Wedding Ring - Did Angie and Brad Pitt Get Married?

You and I (and everyone else reading) know that Angelina Jolie never does anything by chance, right? So when she turned up at LAX last Friday wearing a nifty gold band on a particular finger, we were supposed to take notice. It replaced the sparkler that Brad Pitt had given her as a formal engagement ring not all that long ago and that ring seemed to be part of her personal, daily uniform for months now.

There has been all sorts of wedding speculation for a long time now. Brad himself told People magazine recently that getting married seemed pretty imminent. The press has pitted their engagement against that of Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. You know, who will get hitched first, which bride will be more of a stunner, all that good stuff.

Lately the focus has really been on Jen- is she pregnant…did she pick a dress…do we realy care and why…and that’s precisely why it was the best time for Angie and Brad to pull off a quiet, personal wedding. They applied for their marriage license at the end of Feb. and that license was good for 90 days after being filed. Everyone speculated that they’d get hitched in May after the Cannes Film Festival. No one guessed that they would get the license and almost immediately swap vows. But why not?  Real, everyday people usually get the license a few weeks before their wedding. Plus Angie isn’t one for really planning. While her fans figured she was pouring over wedding ideas she was more likely being more spontaneous about things. She’s a mother of 6 and not the kind that is governed by schedule so why on earth would she map out her wedding on one?

My bet is they had a low key ceremony at one of their homes surrounded by the kids. No huge reception, no overblown floral arrangements and most importantly no friends that they felt obligated to treat to a night of booze and wedding cake.  They probably are married and did it completely on their terms- or Angie’s. Do you agree? Tell us your thoughts  in the comments below!

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