Kardashian Sisters Bound and Gagged Photo – Kardashians Furious (Photo)

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Kardashian Sisters Bound and Gagged Photo - Kardashians Furious (Photo)

OMG, this is too funny!  The Kardashian sisters bound and gagged in the back of a car with our girl Paris Hilton.  Hollywood Hiccups loves Paris Hilton and we love her even more for gagging and bounding those famewhores up 🙂

Image never to hear about the Karadshian/Jenner family again…   a dream come true …. thank you Paris!

Believe it or not this is an ad for Ford and Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian are fighting mad.  It seems the sisters do not like to be the brunt of a joke.  Their rep released the following statement:

“The ‘leave your worries behind’ Ford ads are disgusting, vile and offensive to all women,” a Kardashian attorney told “omg! Insider.” “It is unacceptable that Ford would align itself with an ad agency that would so carelessly release these ads. The Kardashians do not take this lightly and they are exploring all of their legal options.”

The Kardashians might not be pleased, but I am loving the photos.  Ford came out and gave an explanation for the photos.  Head over to our friends at Earsucker.com to find out what Ford had to say HERE!

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  1. Twana Tells says

    This was funny

  2. Linda says

    Lmprbo… Too Funny! What part of, people, (and a lot) do not like these sisters do they Not get?
    You’re followed by some for the mere of entertainment, while others could give too crops about. You put your entire sex-hopping, no-talent, uneducated (and thensome) business out to the world, let alone, not to mention careless videos and expect Respect.
    No one judging you… They are mocking you.
    These are the skeletons that will come out of your closets when your children are old enough to put two and two together.
    But you expect for others to treat you as if you are the Queens of Hollywood. Not happening. Why not try to better yourselves and leave an impressionable outcome about your self, your lives that will change people’s way of seeing who you are now, rather the lasting impression we are always left with..???
    Is the Ford ad funny? Yes it is. So if that is not how you see yourself and like… Then change. And maybe once stop being so stuck up your rear end and laugh at yourselves once in awhile… Lol

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