Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants to Freeze Her Eggs

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Jennifer Love Hewitt Wants to Freeze Her Eggs

Jennifer Love Hewitt has never exactly been lucky in love, despite what her name may make you think.  She has dated a lot and some of her famous exes include, Carson Daly, John Mayer and Jamie Kennedy, but none of those guys have managed to score a lasting place in her life. It seems the 34-year old is finally begin to realize that her biological clock is ticking and in spite of dating co-star Brian Hallisay, she’s nowhere near getting married let alone welcoming a baby into her relationship.

Jen has decided to take control of her fertility and according to the April 8th print edition of GLOBE she is seriously considering freezing her eggs so that she can have a biological child when she’s ready, no matter what age she may be. She has been talking to friends and those close to her about the process and all that it would entail. Jennifer is starting to realize that Mr. Perfect Dad may not exist and eventually she may find herself a single mom by choice.

While her love life may be a bit challenged at least Jen has scored a hit with The Client List over on Lifetime. In it she is a single mom that works as a masseuse that gives extras to those on a special list. Maybe spending the last year working with two small kids has also caused Jen to begin to feel a bit more maternal, Something obviously motivated her to take some serious action, right?

Can you see Jen lugging a baby around? I could. I can also see her as a great single mom. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. monkeysuit says

    Wait until she gets older she’s going to be the biggest cougar.

  2. Meiqua says

    That might be a good idea if she wants kids!!!

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