Katherine Jackson Wants Singer Prince To Testify In The Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

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Katherine Jackson Wants Singer Prince In Testify The Michael Jackson Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Katherine Jackson intends to call Prince in the Michael Jackson wrongful death lawsuit!

Katherine Jackson and Michael Jackson’s three children, Blanket, Prince Michael and Paris are mounting a wrongful death lawsuit against concert promoter Anschutz Entertainment Group because AEG hired Dr. Conrad Murray.

In the suit their legal team are planning to call 100 witnesses and they are suing for $40 billion and the trial gets underway Tuesday in Los Angeles.

TMZ has gotten their hands on some of the witness that are being called and one of them happens to be Singer, Prince.  “It’s curious, since Prince and MJ never collaborated, but we’re hearing Katherine’s legal team believes Prince had a bad experience with AEG in the past that could be relevant.”

Two of Michael Jackson’s children are expected to take the stand.  Paris is slated to take the witness stand and her older brother Prince, 16, also plans to face the jury.  The both want to tell the truth about what they saw and heard leading up to their father’s death.

What do you think will the Jackson clan win their case against AEG or will AEG settle out of court for a lesser amount?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. Kia Soto says

    makes a little since becuz i was wondering what could prince really do –but i see now

  2. Gossipwelove says

    Every day, week, month and year they are in the media…. smh

  3. NicolaGossips says

    Financially speaking, Michael’s death was the best thing to happen to Katherine and his kids. They really shouldn’t be pressing their luck on this one.

  4. Yazmar says

    Smh, this might get messy

  5. MrsGrapevine says

    Oh! That does make sense now. I thought Prince was going to sing on the stand.

  6. sherman burns says

    I do not agree with a 40bil
    lion $ lawsuit. I guess this money hungry women have nothing better to do than waste tax payers money. Wow ant that nothing . How could she even have a heart to think of something
    like this.40b$ Wow.

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