Khloe Kardashian Says She Is The Sexiest Kardashian: No More Ugly Ducking

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Khloe Kardashian Says She Is The Sexiest Kardashian: No More Ugly Ducking

It’s fair to say that Khloe Kardashian has easily become the best looking Kardashian sister out of the three in recent months. Now that Kim Kardashian can’t stop packing on the pounds during her pregnancy and Kourtney’s struggling to lose her baby weight, the 28-year old has put that to her advantage and shown the world how hot she can really be.

Life&Style explains how the reality star managed to get in shape so quickly… and why it happens to be a ‘coincidence’ she’s looking so good now that her two sisters are struggling to keep their petite, curvy frame. According to the mag, Khloe has lost a whopping 25lbs in the last few months, all thanks to her strict new workout.

She joined 60DaysofFitness with her brother Rob Kardashian and rapper The Game at the end of last year, and the results are definitely starting to show. Life&Style also shares how Kim is starting to become jealous of Khloe’s hot new body as she hates the thought of having to work off all of the weight she packed on during her pregnancy.

The ‘Keeping Up…’ starlet prevents herself from getting anywhere near candy, soda and fatty foods, and instead had replaced them with vegan food and endless amounts of fruits for delicious smoothies, the mag continues. Clearly, Khloe wants to keep up with her healthy new regime, and why shouldn’t she?

In the past, she’s admitted to having been bullied by people who called her fat, adding that she could never be a Kardashian with her height, while others took a meaner approach and called her a drag-queen. Well, Khloe is certainly doing a great job at shutting those haters up.

Khloe may be the sexy sister but Khloe and Lamar have some serious charity issues.  Head over to our friends at Allie Is WIRED to find out all about it HERE!

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  1. Kia Soto says

    NOW! lol i like how they added that NOW- I always thought khloe had the best natural shape

  2. Victoria Mcguire says

    She is definitely the sexiest and more glamorous and a natural beauty, Not fake like Kim and Kourt. Kudos khloe you look awesome. I’ll bet momager is furious, don’t let her tak advantage of you and try to claim it was all her idea so she can make more moola off ofyou. You and lamar need to opt out of any contracts you have/had with kris J. ASAP. Also do not, do not let kourt carry your baby.

  3. Cathy says

    They all look pretty funky and shallow to me.

  4. jen says

    Her easy flat stomach trick: Photoshop!

  5. DivaWhispers says

    She has been looking extra cute lately though 🙂

  6. Twana Tells says

    Khloe is actually my favorite Kardashian

  7. NicolaGossips says

    Khloe is my fave too, and considering I’m not a fan of none of dem, that’s not saying much. They keep selling their weight loss and then claim bullying when people mention their weight gain.

  8. Robyn says

    None of them are hot. Even with plastic surgery!

  9. jody overland says

    khloe is as sexy as a 10 hooker who forgot to shave

  10. Gossipwelove says

    She is gorgeous!

  11. Meiqua says

    I like Khloe.. She’s looking real good!

  12. Roberta says

    She looks Photoshopped something terrible…poor thing is dying for some attention.

  13. Pamela says

    Ahaha, I love how they describe Kim as “scared and jealous” which has driven her to binge eat – did they not notice that she’s pregnant?!!

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