Paris Jackson Reunites With Biological Mother Debbie Rowe On 15th Birthday

Paris Jackson Reunites With Biological Mother Debbie Rowe On 15th Birthday

Paris Jackson has met up with her birth mother, Debbie Rowe, after a very long estranged relationship. Well, the two never really had a relationship to begin with since Debbie signed over her full parental rights to former husband, Michael Jackson, in 2001 when Paris was just three years of age.

However, since Michael’s passing, sources say that Debbie has made an attempt to reach out to her children and get back in touch with them. She has secretly met up with Paris and the rest of the Jacksons on several occasions but her most recent was on Wednesday when the fifteen-year old celebrated her birthday in Calabasas, CA with family and friends.It made perfect sense for Debbie to be with Paris on that day,- TMZ says that the two have met up before in the past and their sources further add that her bond with Paris and Prince Jackson has really shown. Rowe has become very close with her kids and seems to try and want to get back into their lives, and by the looks of things, no one is stopping her.

Katherine Jackson is currently taking care of Michael’s three kids – including Blanket which he had from a surrogate woman – but we have to keep in mind that Katherine isn’t getting any younger. While her grandchild, TJ, has already stepped in to help her out with the kids from time-to-time, he still has to live his life as well, seeing that he also has children of his own. So, Debbie’s return couldn’t have come at a better time.

Only time will tell if Debbie will stick around, but hearing that she has made several visits to the family’s home in Calabasas shows that she’s interest in forming a relationship with her two children,- she’s already missed thirteen years, so why not?

Image credit: Dmac/VM/FAMEFLYNET

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