Tina Simpson Considered Killing Herself and Husband Joe Simpson

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Tina Simpson Considering Killing Herself and Husband Joe Simpson

Tina Simpson was left so distraught after learning her husband, Joe, had cheated on her that she was very close to taking her own life. As you may recall, Joe had a brief affair with 21-year old model Bryce Chandler Hill over the summer of 2012 which led to the revelation of his homosexuality which left the entire family shocked.

Shocked because Tina and Joe had been married for 35 years — so to find out that your husband was sleeping with another man didn’t sit too well with Tina. According to RadarOnline, Tina had written a letter where she thoroughly explained how upset she was after hearing about the twisted, unforgivable things that Joe had done.

Before jetting out to New York to confront him about it, a note was found which supposedly detailed her plans on how and when she would kill herself and Joe. She was fuming over the fact that the press would ridicule her marriage and her daughter, Jessica Simpson’s reputation and that’s exactly what she feared the most.

But before she could even get her hands on Joe, he phoned her up so that they could meet up and get to the bottom of this shocking revelation. Her plans to kill herself and Joe were put on hold for the time being. “Tina was so distraught when she found out about Joe’s secret gay affair, she immediately wrote a suicide note,” a source tells RadarOnline.

“It was fairly detailed and she said she wanted to shoot herself for what Joe had done to their 35-year marriage. Worse still, Tina wanted to shoot Joe as well. She was just so angry with him. But, instead of killing herself, Tina headed straight to a New York hotel to confront Joe about Bryce Chandler Hill.”

The saddest part about it all is that Joe had no plans on even getting back together with his wife. In fact, in his twisted mind, he had already planned on divorcing Tina, so the cheating scandal didn’t really change anything – he wanted out and made it perfectly clear as he returned to their Los Angeles home where he found the suicide note which he immediately took to court in hopes that the judge would give him a good stake of the amount the two had made during their 35 years of marriage.

“However, when Joe returned to the Encino home in Los Angeles they shared, he found the note, made a copy and gave it to his divorce lawyer as a bargaining tool for the settlement. An offer of a 50 percent split of everything under the Simpson name has been offered to Joe,” a source close to the family told Radar.

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  1. Meiqua says

    Girl I know you hurt but it ain’t that serious!!!

  2. DivaWhispers says

    She was just hurt deeply…but suicide is no joke

  3. Roberta Ferguson says

    Who knew?!? I wouldn’t kill myself over this weirdo….lol

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