Kendall Jenner Wants To Be A Victoria’s Secret Angel

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Kendall Jenner Wants To Be A Victoria's Secret Angel

It seems kind of creepy for anyone to think of seventeen-year-old model Kendall Jenner as a Victoria’s Secret model, doesn’t it? Well, that plan isn’t too far off, if she has her way.

Kris Jenner has already pimped out all of her other kids, so it wouldn’t surprise us at all if she was the one who put this idea in Kendall Jenner’s head. Do you think Kris and Bruce really care if any of these girls try to get by on their looks alone? It’s not like they’re pushing any of their children to get into college, right? What kind of example does that set for their many fans?

As far as whether or not Kendall wants to get her wings as a Victoria’s Secret angel, she said that she would “love to.”

She added, “It’s always been kind of a dream of mine. It’s a very great thing to do, and it’s something I’d love to do.”

Do you see this happening for her? Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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  1. Twana Tells says

    I think she’ll make a great Victoria Secret model

  2. Ms. Toni says

    I can actually see this for her. She has the look and body.

  3. MrsGrapevine says

    But why Victorias’s Secret? So many fashion houses.

  4. Divawhispers says

    i totally see her Ealing the runway as an Angel

  5. NicolaGossips says

    I think she’s beautiful, but not very interesting looking. But half of the VS models are so bland maybe it would work.

  6. Meiqua says

    I think she’ll be a great model… but she’s still so young though but I guess it’s best to start now!

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