Justin Bieber Pimps Out Teen Debit Card

Justin Bieber Pimps Out Teen Debit Card

Justin Bieber is trying to rip off his legions of fans, apparently. Justin has debuted his video supporting Spend Smart debit card…which is aimed at teenagers.

The fees for this particular card are kind of exorbitant, considering his target audience. He says in the video, “It wasn’t easy, but I definitely learned some important lessons like how to save for stuff that I really wanted and how to make a budget.”

Watch the video below:


The fees are rather high if he’s really trying to market this crap to kids. Would you allow your child to pester you just to get a card that is endorsed by Justin Bieber? The fees add up to $47.40 per year in addition to ATM withdrawal fees, deposit fees and card replacement fees.

It should be enough that he’s already richer than most of us will ever be. What’s his motivation in doing this? What are your thoughts on the matter?

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