Amanda Bynes Still Needs Help (Video)

Amanda Bynes Still Needs Help (Video)

Amanda Bynes is still obviously in desperate need of help. It’s a wonder that her parents haven’t flown to New York to have her butt tossed in a hospital on a 5150 hold.


She is currently spiraling completely out of control and is most definitely not on a good path in life. She’s got these stupid looking hair extensions, cheek piercings and that makeup. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl NO. Does she think that’s going to attract the man of her dreams, Drake?


 She calls this video “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D”. She looks weird making those faces in this video and it’s just proof that she’s slowly sliding off of the deep end.

What do you think? Should someone rush in and take charge before it’s too late? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

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