Amanda Bynes Still Needs Help (Video)

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Amanda Bynes Still Needs Help (Video)

Amanda Bynes is still obviously in desperate need of help. It’s a wonder that her parents haven’t flown to New York to have her butt tossed in a hospital on a 5150 hold.


She is currently spiraling completely out of control and is most definitely not on a good path in life. She’s got these stupid looking hair extensions, cheek piercings and that makeup. Girrrrrrrrrrrrrl NO. Does she think that’s going to attract the man of her dreams, Drake?


 She calls this video “I’m Sucking On A Sour Patch Kid Listening To Music Getting Ready For Tonight :D”. She looks weird making those faces in this video and it’s just proof that she’s slowly sliding off of the deep end.

What do you think? Should someone rush in and take charge before it’s too late? Hit the comments and leave us your thoughts!

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  1. NicolaGossips says

    Watching mental illness unfold is painful. I feel for her family. They are powerless to do anything until she self-harms or harms others.

    1. KeyLaJ says

      That is also the face of someone who is extremely high on drugs. Most likely meth or crack. I am almost positive that there are other people in her house in her room doing it while she excuses herself to take these videos and pictures. There are a lot of enablers out there and she’s a victim of a stronger force. You don’t get like this on your own…drugs are introduced by other people. If you are weak minded and alone then you are a prime target. I’m sad for her and I hate to see the media continuously poke fun to a suffering human being, instead of alerting her state of mind and health loudly until something is done.

      1. RT says

        Yeah, she is just a victim… I’m sure they are holding her down and pouring drugs down her throat.

        Give me a break! She is responsible for her own actions and nobody else.

    2. Cat Reid says

      Sad stuff. she looks bi polar…she needs help. I hope that her parents see her eratic behavior and trace it allback to see the big picture.

      1. niki says

        seems to me she had a predisposition to mental illness and drugs sent her there quicker than she could recover. She seemed fine before that. It’s truly tragic. She may never recover fully.

  2. dist says

    That’s not Amanda Bynes with makeup on, it’s Nikki Minaj with makeup OFF!

    1. Nikki Leigh says


    2. Mama t says

      Tff laugh out loud =^o

  3. Mike says

    She looks drunk.

  4. the1upay4 says

    she on that molly…sad because she looks AWEFUL and much older than her years

  5. Marissa says

    WTF? Why does she keep doing that with her face? Makes her look methed out!!

  6. Gina says

    what in gods name is THAT!!!

  7. Amanda Bynes says

    Who the hell is this b*tch. And what the f*ck does she thinks she is doing?

    1. Gina says

      I am concerned you laughing at her leave. now.

  8. NOBAMA says

    Just ignore her, she’ll go away

    1. sam says

      i laughed so hard at this lololol

  9. Tamela says

    Is this really Amanda or is she on drugs? If it is, poor thing.

  10. jason says

    Her parents needs to put her ass away in a hospital on a 5150 before she does something stupid and either harm her self further or or hurting somebody else

  11. inHOPE says

    Ah… Compulsive puckering and cocky raised eyebrows…..a sort of ‘disinterested smarmy look’…..and rapid weight loss….? Meth is well known for that. I didn’t, for a second, believe a sour patch kid was the culprit. The young lady who put this video out there believing anyone with half a brain cell would believe her description/explanation is already living in a fantasy world where she thinks everyone is as gullible as she wishes they were….or, plainly, as gullible as she is.

  12. Ivone says

    No doubt this young girl has lost it. If its a mental illness or drugs she is not the same person at all. Someone especially her family should really try to help her find out what is wrong with her and get her help. Later they are going to be crying I should of could of and all the other crap people say when the loose someone and didn’t even try to do something. She has to have people around her no one cares? that is truly sad. I hope I don’t hear something bad cause I think she was really talented.

  13. Anyesha says

    Am I the only one that thinks this is a well planned ploy of hers to promote some project of hers coming within the next year or so? She IS a comedian, after all, and this is the kind of stuff she’s parodied over the years since she was a kid (excluding ‘WILAY’.) The drunk driving and stuff, I think that was real, but after the media’s reaction, she found a way to market it into a media payday. I believe she’s a whole lot smarter than we’re giving her credit for…

  14. Karol says

    She’s just doing what like a billion other kids her age are doing. Media, pull your pants back on.

  15. Soren says

    leave her alone. period. To each their own.

  16. bkb says

    She’s high as hell!

  17. val says

    Nobody should rush to save her. The sooner she’s dead the better, sooner the better, just pray she is not getting pregnant by some druggie

    1. Mia says

      VAL, what a disgusting and horrible thing to say about anyone. Doesn’t matter if she is cracked out of her mind or using this as a marketing ploy…to say that the sooner she is dead, the better…is FLAT OUT IGNORANT. How DARE you say that about anyone. Im not a Bynes fan, nor do I care much for the shenanigans she is pulling but I would NEVER and I mean NEVER say such a vile thing about anyone. Do us all a favor…how bout you shut off your pc and disappear? Because horrible people like you don’t deserve a voice on ANY forum.

      1. Selene says

        I am inclined to agree with you Mia, no matter how strung out Bynes is, One should never wish death on another person.

  18. whasup? says

    She’s on drugs, and by the looks of her behavior, a lot of them. She’s trying to take some “cute” pic with her phone, and she can’t even focus her eyes. I’d say lots of xans, and maybe some sort of upper. I have seen super drunk, and super pilled out people look like this also, and unfortunately, Ive seen it too many times to count. People in that state, they think they’ve got their actions under control, and people around them cant tell. It’s just that they are so fucked, they think they’re doing alright. That video was sad. Maybe she should have a friend help her out w all her weird photos. That way she won’t have to crank her neck, and wobble her eyes so much for a twitter pic. lol

  19. Mick says

    I can’t believe I used to have even a horny teenager crush on her.

  20. Selene says

    LMFAO She looks Cock eyed and retarded, is she on Heroin or something?

  21. Banana says

    Just exactly how high are you??? I am so sick of your desperate antics for attention I could hurl. You need to be put in a straight jacket and checked in to room with Linsey Lohan for awhile cause your both washed up, washed out, has beens that have ruined your looks with these stupid surgeries!! Put yourself on the top of your ugly list and shut the hell up and stop taking pics and videos of yourself!! GET A BETTER MIRROR cause you are UGLY inside and out!!

  22. Christel Platt says

    Its true, you can’t get a 5150 on someone unless they are harming themselves or others and drugs do not count sadly…I also agree with one of the commenters, she has enablers with her clearly and why not hang around until all her money is gone and spent on drugs, she is supplying the money for the drugs while others go get them and when someone gets your drugs the rule is you share…this will go on until she is broke and when she is broke the enablers will move on to use someone else, this girl is screaming for help, she just doesnt know it yet.

  23. gloopiegus says

    Having sampled many a recreational drug in my time……..I can tell you exactly what she is on there. KETAMINE.

    1. M says

      As someone who’s tried K, I’m gonna have to disagree and say meth. Maybe mixed with X.

  24. Somebody says

    Dude, guys chill out, she was trying to look wierd and funny on purpose. Christ, its funny how druggies always impose themselves on others when they suspect drug use.

    1. Angie says

      well said!!

  25. AprilReign says

    Totally blows my mind, that i came across this vid last night. 7/23/13 and JUST TODAY Amanda was pulled in for a 5150 Hold for setting a lady’s driveway on fire, or precisely making, creating a fire. WTF?! and so weird this was the topic of discussion, because I remember thinking last night, gee, I wonder when it’s gonna happen because a 5150 for Amanda was clearly a “when” not an “if”

  26. nick says

    she’s not mentally ill, anybody claiming that she is is trying to give her excuses for this crap making it ok. Simply put she’s doing this to herself. She’s not as popular as she was when she was younger and she needs to get over it.

  27. mark says

    Can’t believe she used to be good looking. I’m not totally convinced that the person in the video we just watched is actually her. I need to hear her speak or something. SO SAD!…Not really!

  28. meg says

    the lipstick is fugly as hell, shes tryin to attract attention… lame, she looks like a freak an she also looks like she needs a straight jacket…

  29. Angie says

    Just looks like she is having a good time being silly…..they’re are tons of celebrities that do that everyday!!

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