Kim Kardashian Posts Creepy Video Of Kendall Jenner: Cool Or Inappropriate? (VIDEO HERE)

Kim Kardashian Posts Creepy Video Of Kendall Jenner: Cool Or Inappropriate?

Kim Kardashian is many things, and ‘weird’ can also be added to that list now that she has completely lost the plot. As Kim continues to pack on the pounds during her pregnancy, she’s constantly comparing herself to other people, and her younger sister, Kendall Jenner seems to be one of them.

It’s unknown where the video was taken, but we’d assume not in public – not that it matters now that the entire world has seen it. In the visual, you can clearly hear Kim envy her “tall” sibling as she sunbathed by the pool wearing nothing more than just her petite bikini while Khloe Kardashian also decided to take a peek. Kim made sure she got Jenner from all angles before saying: “Look at this body on my little sister Kendall Jenner.”

Kim is supposedly at her heaviest she has ever been, a reported 200lbs according to Star magazine. Her cravings are yogurt, ice-cream, and high-carbs Italian food, which has been really depressing for the reality star who has been dying to get back into her bootylicious figure. She’s giving everyone the impression she’s hating her pregnancy, which she probably does, but at least make the most of the time that you are in a position where you can eat whatever you want and no one will say anything.

Whatever the case may be with Kim’s insecurities, she then continues in the video: “I’m just saying I’m so jealous of how tall you are. I’m not trying to be creepy. Kendall don’t worry I won’t call you too skinny”. Very, very creepy indeed. What ever happened to just enjoying your pregnancy and not worrying about what you eat?!

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