Kate Middleton Is Moving Back Home With Her Mother When Baby Is Born

Kate Middleton Is Moving Back Home With Her Mother When Baby Is Born

Kate Middleton plans on staying with her mother after the birth of her baby in July, it has been reported. The Duchess of Cambridge has told family and friends that she will live with her Mom and Dad for at least six weeks at their $6 million mansion in Berkshire.  She added that she feels most comfortable being in an environment that she’s very familiar with, and besides, it will give Kate the chance to get some tips from her mom in the long run.

Kate is currently living with Prince William at their rented farmhouse in Anglesey and plans to make her move to her parents’ home within weeks to come. Sources state that Carole has already done some baby clothes shopping and is over the moon to hear that Kate wants to move back into their family home for the time being until she gets the hang of being a mother.

Kate has already requested not to have any maternity nurses anywhere near her once she leaves the farmhouse in Anglesey.  She wants to make sure that her privacy is well respected during the time that she plans on spending with her parents in Berkshire. The 31-year old’s decision to move away for some time was quite unexpected but she feel its best,- especially with William going back to the RAF later this year, she’d be alone in their house for weeks, if not months.

Carole is currently building a nursery room for her grandchild in time for its arrival over the summer while Kate’s dad Michael is already planning on nice trips the four of them could do once his daughter is out of hospital. We’re hoping Michael is going to give Kate some time to rest, because after giving birth to a baby, no woman would want to take any kind of trips — they would just want to rest! Ha.

Great idea Kate –  hubby is leaving for work and instead of being home alone, she’ll spend the time with her family. Why not?!

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