Madonna’s Homeless Brother Has Been Jailed! (Photo)

Madonna's Homeless Brother Has Been Jailed! (Photo)

Madonna’s homeless brother Anthony Ciccone has been arrested and jailed! We’re guessing that three hots and a cot is better than being out on the streets in Traverse City, Michigan…

He was said to be incarcerated after fighting with a female police officer. According to reports, she tried to get him to live the bathroom of a bar in the area. Following the scuffle, he received several stitches to his face (as you can see in the photo above) and was drunk off of his butt! Reportedly, his blood alcohol level was .40 percent!

He’s being charged with a felony for resisting the officer and is being held without bond. The icing on the cake is that he already had an outstanding warrant for trespassing. Can’t Madge help a brother out?!?  That’s just so messed up that he can continue falling down so hard and she doesn’t think it’s best to offer him some kind of helping hand. What do you think?

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