Kayne West Might Not Be There When Kim Kardashian Gives Birth

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Kayne West Might Not Be There When Kim Kardashian Gives Birth

Kayne West might not be there when Kim Kardashian gives birth

Kanye has not been around much during Kim’s pregnancy, he’s a busy man right?  He seems to be avoiding the clutching Kardashian as much as he can.  As a matter fact when they finally hooked up after weeks of being apart in New York City, Kanye could not get away from her fast enough.  According to our friends over at Bohomoth who have the pics, “Kim Kardashian and Kanye West put on a romantic display of affection after they were reunited in New York on Monday, but he soon ordered her to get out of the way once he saw his true love, Jay-Z.”

Kanye also wants to avoid having confrontations with the Kardashian clan about appearing on their reality show, “Keeping Up With The Kardashians.”  He has been advised it is not good for his brand.  “He most likely won’t appear at all in the upcoming season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Kanye won’t even let Kim talk to him on the phone while cameras are rolling. Kanye wants to maintain his private life.”

Now rumors are swirling that Kanye may actually miss the birth of his baby because he will be on tour. Kanye has signed a deal to start touring this summer in June.  Kim is due to give birth at the end of June.  So there’s a real possibility that Kanye could be out on tour when Kim gives birth.  Does anyone else feel like Kanye is done with this mess?  Hit the comments and let us know your thoughts!

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  1. jen says

    I wonder if he’ll be there when the surrogate gives birth? 😉

  2. YOLANDA J says


    1. Lucille Austero says


  3. Kangaye says

    Body language speaks volumes and the photos of the two together say he cant wait to get away from her! He is so over the novely of Kim, unfortunately hes tied to her by the upcoming baby. Kim will always be a baby mama.

  4. maddy says

    She probably got knocked up for money too, thief!

    1. PJ KELLEY says

      Isn’t that the only reason they do anything……FOR MONEY! Now they need to bring more babies into this despicable, fowl family …anything to keep the pocket full YUK

  5. Rachel says

    Kim needs to grow up, she’s very immature. She thinks she can keep a man with her body but that gets old. She’ll be stuck with a baby & absent father. The Kartrashians fame is fading & she’ll do anything for attention including getting pregnant to resurrect public interest. The hand writing is on the wall. Get out of reality shows & take care of your baby

  6. Lynn says

    Well if this is true – should I dare say another “Black” absentee father?????????

    1. my 2 cents says

      @ Lynn I’m sure he will spend time with his baby, and he dam show have enough money to spend financially. stop stereo -typing

      1. Auj says

        I wonder if he’s through with the fame whore K clan.
        It will be hard for him to come to terms with that mess as he is a private man.

    2. Tim says

      Not a cool comment,grow up.

    3. cait says

      I’m sure Kanye will love his child and spend time with it, but as far as keeping Kim around, I doubt it, She admitted on the show that at the time she got pregnant she was off birth control to get her eggs frozen and she “accidentally” got pregnant. I call BS on that, I think Kanye got tricked into knocking her up and didn’t really want a child at this point in his life. But now that he’s having one, I’m sure he’ll absolutely adore it and want to keep it as far away from the Kardashians as much as possible, lest it turn out a spoiled b*tch like the rest of them,

  7. pat says

    She is a lonely, emotionally insecure woman. She needs to get her live back under control with the baby coming and be a “hands-on” mother and let go of that D_ _ _ reality show. I know she loves the limelight and the money, but the time has come for a wake up call. It is a shame her father isn’t here. He would surely set her straight. Maybe she will see the light eventually – as a single parent. I think that piece of _ _ _ _ she has hooked up with also needs a reality check. He is a man that bragged about planting his seed, now he needs to step up to the plate. He has been absent her whole pregnancy. Does she see the track record there with his lack of concern for her for 9 months? I don’t care for that whole clan, but have
    sympathy for any single mom. I was one.

  8. Stephanie 420 710 says

    All you guys are idiots. KIM IS A GAZILLIONAIRE. You really think she gold digging Kanye? However, I think Kanye should not schedule a tour close to when the baby is due. He has enough money he could take a break. Having a baby is KINDA of important don’t you think? I guess he can just jump on a private plane and be back in a jiffy. I forgot rich people can do whatever the F*** they want.

    1. cait says

      compared to kanye, kim has nothing. he makes waaaay more than her. and did you see that episode where if she didn’t stop shopping she wouldn’t be able to buy the house she wanted? she may have money, but definitely not kanye money. or fame. and that’s all she really cares about. so yeah, i’d say she’s a gold digger and a fame wh-re.

  9. Tina says

    Go to hell Lynn for that comment

  10. Cyn says

    Why are you all haters. Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see!

  11. rubyd says

    if it is true his butt should of though about it before he laid up with her. he knew her and her family before that got involved. he needs to grow up and be there or be up front no lie!!!

  12. PJ KELLEY says

    The whole family except for Bruce Jenner, is like watching the FREAK SHOW AT A CARNIVAL! They are shameless whores with a pimp for a “mother” and this is a family they want to expose children too! RUN FOR YOUR LIFE BRUCE……YOU’VE ALWAYS BEEN TOO GOOD FOR ANY OF THEM. That’s why they continually show you as some sort of Henpecked Fool. They think your stupidity makes them look smart! YYYYUUUKK…NASTY IN EVERY SENSE OF THE WORD

  13. chykdon says

    … huh hmmm, dont they look awesome twosome 2gether?!

    1. optimist43 says

      He walks behind her the way Prince Philip walks behind the Queen.

  14. julie says

    The Kardashians are money hungry ,classless people. They’re getting pretty desperate..Why do people even have interest in them? ridiculous..

  15. Jade says

    I think that it is hysterical that everyone on here has a negative comment and are all commenting on how money hungry she and her family are, yet you all seem to have some interest in the family, you clicked on the link, right? So keep being hypocrites to your own nonsense, and by all means, click away on someone who STILL manages to get your attention and energy.

  16. vominos says

    I feel badly for Kim.. she hasn’t had much of a role model for a mother. Now, because of poor choices she is going to have a child by a thug. Yep, that’s all he is and he was way out of his league hooking up with Kim.. Once he got her, he drops her. It’s the way of the rappin’ world. I do think he has underestimated her and her family if he thinks this sht is over. Because of his poor choice, he will be strapped with this family for a very long time.. Privacy? Please. Kanye is more of an attention whore than the Kardashians have ever thought of being..lol.

  17. vivi says

    i came on this site to speak my mind alot of people hate the k family how is it they stay on tv it is sickening whores bastard children divorce greed,absentee fathers drunk husbands and fathers infedelity a whore momager liers the whole family are heathens and a bad influance on everyone shut thier show down and redeem youselves you shall all rot in hell.

  18. Melissa says

    People need to stay out of other peoples buisness! Who cares what they do. They’ll learn by their own mistakes, Kim’s good at that!!! I’m still stuck on what happen with recent husband he sure got it up the ass!!! She showed of gave him his ring back. Getting back to the subject in hand everyone needs to let everyone rich poor famous or not live and learn by their mistakes. Karma will bite you!!!

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