Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Whale (Photo)

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Kim Kardashian Looks Like A Whale (Photo)

Kim Kardashian and her famewhoring family are enjoying a family vacation on the Greek island of Mykonos. What’s funny about that is that every publication that’s reporting the news is saying that Kim is every bit the “Greek Goddess”. Oh barf.

Most commenters on these sites are calling BS at the thought of Kim being anything other than a washed up sex tape star. Apparently the tabloids and other gossip blogs don’t know that the term “goddess” signifies beauty and not some reality TV actress whose babymaker has been put in the public domain.

Seriously people, what is up with that? If the gossip blogs keep reporting that she’s a “Goddess”, it’s going to start going to her head. In reality, televised or not, she looks like a whale. And that was before she got knocked up by Kanye West. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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  1. monkeysuit says

    Wow check out how big her ass got. Is her ass pregnant too?

  2. DivaWhispers says

    ya’;; wrong for that

  3. Allie says

    She at the magic prune and turned into a big fat turd. lol

  4. Allie says

    *ate … so much more amusing with no typos

  5. Twana Tells says

    She’s pregnant but she’s definitely huge lol

  6. NicolaGossips says


    Let’s make fun of her clothing, not her weight.

    She ain’t eva carrying another child. This girl will go surrogate from now on. LOL.

  7. Pamela says

    It just seems like she shouldn’t be able to stand upright with that ass.

  8. Laz says

    *Cue foghorn sound..

  9. Ciera Chantál says

    She looks okay. She’s not a goddess, but she’s not a whale either. lol.

  10. Ms. Toni says

    I’m telling ya’ll, Kim’s gonna give birth out of her ass cus that thing just keep growing and growing. Lol

  11. Victoria McGuire says

    That is one ginormouse ass, way much bigger than the fake baby bump which was smaller a couple of days ago in NYC when she was with kanye.

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