Amanda Bynes Claims She’s Not Crazy

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Amanda Bynes Claims She's Not Crazy

So is Amanda Bynes crazy? According to a new exclusive interview she gave to In Touch Weekly, she’s not. Despite the fact that she’s been slowly spinning out of control, Amanda says that she’s completely normal and she doesn’t ‘understand’ why people call her crazy.

She tells In Touch, “I have no clue [why people say I’m insane]. Every time I’ve heard it, it came from an ugly person’s mouth, so I don’t care. The only ones lying about me having a mental illness are people I don’t talk to.”

Um, that’s nice – blame the ugly people, why don’t you? Or better yet, take a look in the mirror first.She continues, “I only have hot friends. They have my back until I die.” And she says she’s not crazy.

That’s not all. She adds, “I don’t drink. I’m allergic to alcohol.” You know, I take that back. She’s not crazy. She’s as dumb as a rock.

No one who claims they only have ‘hot’ friends and are ‘allergic’ to alcohol [UM WHAT] cannot NOT have something going on. Maybe this whole thing is a Joaquin Phoenix-like hoax, and she’s secretly recording everything behind our backs. That explanation would make a lot more sense that whatever seems to be going on with her.

As for her insistence that she’s not crazy – well, I’d like to say that there are two types of people in this world. The people that know who they are. And the people that live in denial over who they are. And while she may not be certifiably ‘crazy’, she’s either a genius messing with us or she’s got a few screws loose. But then again, maybe this is normal by Hollywood standards and everyone else is medicated all the time. Who knows, right?

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  1. Roberta Ferguson says

    WTF does any of that even mean?!? lol

  2. NicolaGossips says

    Mental illness – especially the first stages of psychosis – are so difficult for everyone. I feel for her family, because they are powerless to do something until she self-harms or hurts someone else.

  3. Pamela says

    Not buying it!!

  4. chrissy says

    allergic to alcohol refers to one being alcoholic… it’s a very common saying for alcoholics, and is explained in the textbook of alcoholics anonymous, the big book

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