Chris Brown’s Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing

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Chris Brown's Plane Forced To Make Emergency Landing
Yesterday [May 6th, 2013] Chris Brown‘s plane was forced to make an emergency landing.  Chris was headed to the 2013 Met Gala Event when the incident happened.

TMZ has the exclusive on the story, “But sources tell us … roughly 7 to 8 minutes into the flight, everyone on board began to notice smoke filling the plane. ‘It was A LOT of smoke … everywhere.’  The pilot immediately turned the plane around and performed an emergency landing back at Burbank airport.   We’re told the passengers were scared … but the pilot was cool, calm and collected … and couldn’t have handled the situation better.”

Chris was pretty cool about the whole thing, and hopped on another private plane an hour later, he was determined to get to the Met Gala Event.  Yikes, not sure I would have done that so fast, I would have been frightened.  But I guess now that he is single he wanted to check out all the ladies!

But then again maybe the plane smoked problem wasn’t a plane problem and it was Chris just sneaking a little weed? #joking

Chris ended up missing the Event, but arrived in time to go to the after party!

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  1. kia soto says

    i wonder what happened……wow he is lucky

  2. MrsGrapevine says

    Am I the only wo has a Rihanna island joke for this?

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