Kanye West Taking Kim’s Baby To Paris & Leaving Her Behind?

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Kanye West Taking Kim's Baby To Paris & Leaving Her Behind?

Has Kanye West been threatening to take his baby with Kim Kardashian over to Paris once she gives birth? That’s the lead story featured on the cover of the latest issue of Life & Style magazine. We would have to wonder out of these two who would make a better parent, but we got nothin’.

On that note, they are both super busy people. Secondly, she is a complete and total famewhore who would do just about anything for a buck or two. He’s a pretentious douchebag with a God complex, so it’s really just a toss up. Perhaps when Kim gives birth to their baby, they could just sign it over to Denise Richards? HA! She does seem to be the person in Hollywood who is super responsible and good with kids. Charlie Sheen trusts her. We kid, we kid.

According to the tabloid, Kanye and Kim had a huge fight and he has threatened to take their baby to Paris. According a source  for the mag, “Kanye is absolutely insistent that the baby will be raised in France, but Kim is refusing to let that happen.”  Parlez vous custody battle? What do you think?

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  1. jo evans-fye says

    They are both egomaniacs with no concept whatsoever of reality and moreover, the realities of raising a baby anywhere! The courts should remove that baby the day it is born and put it with non-fame-whores where it can have a normal life. These two, together or separately, care about no one but themselves. No life for a child!

    As for their design or fashion genius – together or separately, none seems to exist!

    What a waste of humanity! With all of the truly needy in the world, the combined greed of these two is just plain embarrassing and disgusting.

  2. DivaWhispers says

    I dont believe this

  3. jen says

    If only it was the end. LOL.

  4. Jocelyn says

    Oh psht. Like those two could live without each other! They have to have a quick wedding, even quicker divorce and then they’ll be done!

  5. kia soto says

    kim and kanye west like too much attention in the states to leave

  6. jody overland says

    can u see this? just like the sopranos when tony makes fun of janet for abandoning her son harpo (in quebec) and she loses it – “Sacrebleu! Where is mi mama?”

  7. Meiqua says

    I doubt that!

  8. monkeysuit says

    I think she would let him take the kid. After all she has a career to worry about.

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