Brooke Mueller’s Wants Her Twin Boys For Money Not For Love

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Brooke Mueller's Wants Her Twin Boys For Money Not For Love

Brooke Mueller who is currently locked away in the Betty Ford Centre undergoing rehab wants her children to be in the custody of her brother.  Brooke’s twin boys, 4-year-old Bob and Max, whose father is Charlie Sheen, are currently in the care of Charlie’s ex-wife Denise Richards.  Brooke wants this changed and she wants her brother to have temporary custody until she is sober again.  Considering this is her 20th visit to rehab we won’t hold much hope that even if she gets sober she will stay that way long.

Anyway, Charlie is none too happy that is kid’s lives is going to be disrupted once again.  Charlie claims the only reason that Brooke wants her little darlings out of the hands of Denise is to get a hold of the whopping child support checks Charlie pays each month.  Charlie pays Brooke $55,000 a month and that is a lot of money to buy drugs.

Allegedly, Denise has provided text message to the Child Protective Services that Brooke is after $$$.  Brooke on the other hand is saying Denise is the bad person and it is actually Denise who wants money.

TMZ reports, “Denise has not asked Charlie for a dime for taking Bob and Max.  We’re told Charlie wants Denise to keep the twins until Brooke is sober and able to prove she’ll stay that way.  Charlie realizes that could mean Denise could have the kids for a year … and maybe longer.  Charlie will tell the judge he would gladly pay Denise support money for her efforts.”

This is pretty much a no brainer, duh, of course it is about the money.  $55,000 will go a long way to buying a lot of drugs for Brooke.  Those children should be taken away from her all together.  What responsible judge is going to return those children back to her?  What do you think Hiccups?  Are you team Brooke or Team Denise?

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