Kris Jenner Caught Cheating on Hubby Bruce Jenner

Kris Jenner Caught Cheating on Hubby Bruce Jenner

The current issue of National Enquirer features a cover story, “Half-Naked Karadshian Mom Caught Kissing Hunk!”  It seems the magazine has the scoop on how Kris Jenner is actually a cheater mc-cheater and makes a habit of cheating with men on poor hubby Bruce Jenner.

The NE is blowing the lid off her most recent escapades and are claiming that Kris had a wild half naked romp with a handsome man.  The man in question is being described as, “tall and brawny with a full head of hair and piercing eyes.”

Worse still, apparently this is not the first time Kris has been playing around with this man.  She cheated on her first husband Robert Kardashian with the same person and he is rumored to be the father of one of her brats.  “At first, they just laughed off the rumors,” said the insider. “But after joking about their supposed secret sex life, all the hot-and-heavy talk got their sexual chemistry brewing!”

Bruce finally found out what Kris was up too and the jig is up.  Rumors are this is the straw that broke the camels back and it is all over but the crying for the Kris/Bruce marriage.  Bruce has decided once and for all to kick her sorry butt to the curb.

If you want more details about Kris fling and Bruce reaction, pick up a copy of National Enquirer, on stands now.

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