Lindsey Vonn Insisting on Iron Clad Prenup Giving Her BIG $$$ if Tiger Woods Cheats

Lindsey Vonn Insisting on Iron Clad Prenup Giving Her BIG $$$ if Tiger Woods Cheats

Lindsey Vonn will readily admit that for as much as she loves Tiger Wood’s, she’s still smart enough not to trust him. Supposedly the couple got serious super fast and they are already discussing marriage and children. Lindsey catches Tiger staring at other women all the time and has joked about how guys like him never change, yet she’s still making wedding plans.

According to the May 27th print edition of National Enquirer, Lindsey has learned something from Tiger’s first divorce and that is to hit him in the bank account when he screws up. Tiger definitely wants a prenup to secure the $600 million that he’s worth and so Lindsey is using it as an opportunity to make him financially accountable for his behavior. Lindsey has told Tiger that if they get hitched and the marriage fails she wants exactly half of hit net worth. Also there will be a %20 million dollar penalty for every time that Tiger gets caught cheating.

Lindsey can demand all the money in his account and Tiger can agree to the terms but that’s not going to keep him faithful! It sounds like somewhere in her head Lindsey already knows this too so why is she setting herself up for all the drama and hurt? Unless of course it ultimately is Tiger’s money that she’s after. Then she really would be setting him up with the hopes of a failure!

Do you think Tiger would ever sign a prenup with these terms? Will this couple really make it down the aisle? For her sake I really hope that Lindsey reconsiders the whole situation. I mean that little voice in her head telling her not to trust Tiger is there for a reason, right? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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