Lady Speed Stick Power Saves Summer – “Don’t sweat it. HANDLE IT*!” REVIEW & GIVEAWAY

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Welcome to summer!  Summer is coming and what that means is more time outdoors enjoying the weather and being more physically active. But, for most of us, what that means is sweat stains-on our tee shirts and summer dresses.  I have a problem with sweating in the warm summer, I walk outside and within minutes I am sweating.  I put on cute summer dresses and what happens, they are stained.  I put on t-shirts and in a short time they look horrible and I am embarrassed, it totally ruins the look.  It gets you attention, but not the type of attention you are looking for.  I was determined to find a solution  this summer.


I was really upset and spoke to my friend, Susie, and told her my problem and she suggested I try Lady Speed Stick* Power.  Susie says it provides long lasting superior protection† to help women feel dry and unstoppably fresh, enabling women to handle any sweat inducing situations that they we may encounter.  It sounded like just what I need and it gets the job done!  The product provides the same benefits that women expect from all Lady Schick products:

• Long lasting superior protection†
• Tough invisible 24 hour protection
• Available in 4 different fragrances to keep you feeling fresh from morning to night


Don’t sweat it.  HANDLE IT*!

You have to head out and try this product it was a lifesaver.  They even have a coupon offer that expires May 25th, 2013 – to take advantage of it CLICK HERE!

This is your chance to try these Lady Speed Stick* antiperspirant yourself!  Lady Speed Stick is giving away a marvelous gift basket with a generous selection of the deodorants.  The gift basket included the following:

LSS FI Fruity Melon 45 g
LSS Stainguard Daringly Fresh 65g
LSS Power Cool Breeze 45g
MSS Power Fresh 14g
MSS Irish Spring Original Deo 92g

All you have to do to enter the contest is, CLICK HERE and comment on the post, “What makes you sweat?”

Contest is open to Canadian residents only.  6 Winners will be chosen randomly.

See how women wearing Lady Speed Stick* antiperspirant stay cool when faced with awkward situations in the clips below!

Disclaimer: This post has been sponsored by Colgate. HH received a compensation from Colgate in thanks for publishing this article; however, please note, all opinions expressed here are solely those of HH and in no way those of this article’s sponsor. Items have not been exchanged as payment for the publishing of favorable opinions. First and foremost HH loves providing readers with fantastic contest opportunities.


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  1. DivaWhispers says

    too bad i’m not in Canada..I love Lady Speed Stick deodorants!

  2. Roberta Ferguson says

    I’ve never tried gel before, but I’ll give it a try when it’s out here.

  3. Yazmar says

    I want one…I remember Lady speed stick was in the U.S

  4. monkeysuit says

    Need to pick up some for Mrs. Monkeysuit

  5. jen says

    My mom lives in Canada and is bringing me some to my country. thanks for this- i’ll show her so she gets the right one. 😀

  6. Ms. Toni says

    I use that detergent. It’s good.

  7. MrsGrapevine says

    Exactly what’s need down here in this Texas heat, especially in August.

  8. NicolaGossips says

    I love lady speed stick. Baby powder scent only. I don’t need my underarms smelling like fruit. 😀

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