Farrah Abraham Still Think She’s a Role Model

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Farrah Abraham Still Think She's a Role Model

I used to think that Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham was just a messed up girl that needed a bit of help to find a better path in this world. After her recent rants I have come to the conclusion that the girl is straight up delusional. By now everyone and their underage brother has already seen at least a snippet of Farrah’s recent porn video with big time porn star James Deen. She tried to play the whole thing off like they were dating and then he leaked the tape, but we all know that Farrah actually shot the video as a clear cut business venture. Deen was hired and the raunchy flick was always going to end up in a XXX company’s hands.

Farrah is a little pissed off that her fellow Teen Mom’s haven’t supported her endeavors. Especially Catelynn Lowell has been very vocal about what a bad idea this video was. She and Farrah have traded barbs on Twitter and Farrah has just concluded that Catelynn is jealous of her high-priced, onscreen bangability. She actually has accused her of being jealous. Clearly Farrah is so far off the deep end she doesn’t even know what reality looks like.

Farrah also thinks that her naysayers should shut their mouths because she’s just trying to set a good example for teenaged moms everywhere. I can’t even begin to imagine how Farrah thinks it’s setting a good example to make a flick like this. She claims she did it for the money so that she can go to school for her Master’s Degree! In what exactly, I’m not sure if she even knows.

Do you think Farrah will really head off to school?  Or will she decided that porn is her career choice rather than any form of higher education? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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