RHOBH’s Star Brandi Glanville Tweets She Called 911, Causing People To Worry

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RHOBH's Star Brandi Glanville Made Call to 911

Some fans of The Real Housewive’s of Beverly Hills may think of Brandi Glanville as a hot mess, but she’s hands down the breakout star of the show. Brandi is known for speaking her mind and forgetting to put a filter on her conversations. I think that’s what makes her so likable. She also has become kind of infamous for her tweets. She’s not afraid to post her thoughts and it has gotten her into a bit of trouble online.

Brandi also likes to vent about the stuff that’s happening in her life and every once in awhile, she drops a one liner that causes an uproar. Early this morning Brandi tweeted that she had to call 911 and said no more. Of course her Twitter followers were freaking out trying to find out what was happening and even fellow Bravolebrity, Heather DeBrow asked if she was okay.

Knowing how Brandi loves to talk, I’m sure that at some point today she’ll give up a bit more information on what was happening last night. My guess is that she wasn’t in any serious trouble, otherwise Twitter wouldn’t have even entered her mind. She was probably out celebrating the good news that a second book has been green lighted, proving that we love to listen to her in any format!

In the meantime we’ll just have to speculate on what happened. Why do you think she needed to call for help? Was one of her friends partying a bit too hard? Maybe they witnessed a bad accident while driving home.  Do you think that she was at risk at all or just doing a good deed? Tell us your thoughts on Brandi’s tweet in the comments below!


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