Taylor Swift is As Grossed Out by Justin Bieber As I Am (VIDEO)

Taylor Swift is As Grossed Out by Justin Bieber As I Am (VIDEO)

I’m so happy to see that not all of Selena Gomez’s friends are on board to cheer on her occasional reconciliation with Justin Bieber. Hands down, one of the best moments of last night’s Billboard Music Awards was when Justin and Selena swapped a little kiss backstage and Taylor Swift turned from it fast enough to cause a serious case of whiplash. She also stuck her tongue out, indicating that no matter how much she may love her good pal Selena, she’s not supporting her on/off thing with Justin.

Taylor has had her share of relationships with douche bags to know exactly what Justin really is and her reaction to catching her friend sharing a moment with him echoed what many of the fans now also think. Just last week Selena declared herself single and maybe she technically is, but she obviously still has a weakness when it comes to Justin that I’ll never understand.

Selena sets a strong example for younger women until you get to the topic of men and then it all goes into the toilet! She chooses to spend quality time with a guy that cheats and has disrespected their relationship whenever she’s not around to keep him in line. I’m pretty sure when the two are on the outs again, Selena’s friends like Taylor will no doubt be telling her that they told her so. How many more random chicks does Justin have to screw and how many more instances of bad behavior will it take for Selena to learn? How long is it going to take for Selena not to want to have anything to do with Justin? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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