Kim Kardashian’s Greedy Plot To Pimp Out Her Kid

Kim Kardashian's Greedy Plot To Pimp Out Her Kid

Kim Kardashian is a famewhoring famewhore queen of greedy dollar-clenching, egotistical idiots and anything she does is for the almighty dollar. She would probably sell out her own family to get a new car and a magazine deal to talk about it.

It was shocking for any of us to learn that Kim didn’t want to sell out her baby for a buck. Her rapper boyfriend Kanye West is really a fan of having his privacy. We kind of guessed that perhaps he would have a more positive impact on her life, but that’s not the case, either.

The tabloid reports that Kanye is furious that Kim’s greedy plot has been exposed. Their relationship is said to be in turmoil and here’s Kim trying to profit from their baby before it even gets here. Shocking, we know.

We’re surprised that there aren’t photos of the ultrasound floating around on TMZ already. Aren’t you?

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