Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Having Twins

Miranda Lambert & Blake Shelton Having Twins

Country singers Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are having twins! So screams the latest cover of OK! magazine…

We’re guessing that even these two don’t know that they’re expecting a baby together, let alone two! Miranda must be feeling pretty crappy right about now after seeing that another tabloid is calling her pregnant. There has been no confirmation of any pregnancy as of yet — and as far as we know they were having trouble in their marriage.

Still, they wouldn’t be the first celebrities to keep their lips sealed on the topic of pregnancies. Usually ladies wait until they are at least three months along before divulging that information. So, time will be the telling factor here, yes?

The magazine reports that their dreams have come true as they are celebrating their second anniversary together. Do you think Miranda is actually pregnant? Or is this some made up stuff for the sake of selling magazines to those foolish enough to believe this stuff?

Sound off with your thoughts in the comments section below — and just in case they are expecting a baby or two: congratulations to them!

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