Khloe Kardashian’s Unhealthy Weight Loss is Raising Eyebrows Is She Anorexic?

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Khloe Kardashian's Unhealthy Weight Loss is Raising Eyebrows Is She Anorexic

I guess Khloe Kardashian is really enjoying being the hottest Kardashian sister- maybe a little too much. Earlier this spring the former X Factor host decided to stop stressing over her struggling marriage and to instead focus on bettering herself. She started hitting the gym hard and since she had also shelved all of those hormone treatments, Khloe saw the extra weight start to fall off. She has graced magazine covers in a bikini and felt her self-confidence grow as fans raved about her new and improved appearance.

According to the June 3rd print edition of In Touch Khloe has gone overboard. She has started to love the power that has cover from pulling herself together from head to toe and has no intention of stopping her dieting and excessive exercise. She reached her goal of dropping 20 pounds but now is trying to lose another 15. She also has supposedly resorted to botox and other cosmetic procedures to amp up her appearance from head to toe.

Those close to the star think she’s starting to take it all too far. As her sister Kim packs on the pounds,. Khloe has purposely aimed to take her weight in the opposite direction ensuring that she will remain the hottest sister even after Kim has her baby.

Do you think Khloe has gone to far? Should she just work on maintaining her fitness or do you think she could work herself into better shape yet? Could Khloe now be suffering from an eating disorder as has been rumored?  Subconsciously, do you think Khloe is doing this to get even with Kim? She is having the baby that Khloe hasn’t been able to, so Khloe is after the body that Kim is desperate to maintain!  Tell us your thoughts on Khloe’s transformation in the comments below!

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  1. evelyn parsons says

    Whatever she does, someone complains. She is bettering her health and looks great.

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