Teen Mom’s Jenelle Evan’s Arrested Yet Again But Has An Excuse

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Teen Mom's Jenelle Evan's Arrested Yet Again But Has An Excuse

By now no one is surprised to hear that Jenelle Evans has been arrested again. Saying that’s news almost feels wrong, doesn’t it? News would be if Jenelle could make it 6 months without an ounce of legal trouble! Her latest drama was yesterday when she failed to appear for a court date that had been previously scheduled. According to the Teen Mom star it was a complete mistake, as she explained in her blog saying,

“My mom wanted me to go with her on her vacation to Hickory, N.C. I was going there with [son] Jace and my mom to see my older brother who lives there. Now Hickory is six hours away from where we live! So my mom tells me, ‘Check your court dates before we leave.’ I did, and I told her all my court dates and didn’t realize I had ONE, which was yesterday’s court date.”

Apparently Jenelle’s attorney gave her a last minute heads up to remind her about the court date and the family all piled in the car to drive the 6 hours back to make it in time. If court had closed at 4pm as Jenelle expected she would have made it just under the wire. Instead they wrapped up proceedings early and a Failure To Appear warrant was issued.

Jenelle arrived in time to turn herself in and pay the thousand dollar bond to ensure her freedom. She explained all of this to her fans so that they knew straight from her what was happening. Jenelle wanted to be sure that everyone knew that she’s not in jail again- yet.

Will this chick ever pull herself together? Do you think she thrives on the attention that being a screw up brings her? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Yazmar says

    Soome people never learn

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