Marie Osmond Finds Her Brother Donny Osmond Difficult – Can’t Wait Till Their Vegas Show is Over

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Donny And Marie Osmond Perform At The Echo Arena

Here’s a shocker- Marie Osmond and Donny Osmond aren’t exactly as tight as we thought. They’ve been doing a 90 minutes stage show at Flamingo in Las Vegas since 2008 and Marie is counting down til it ends.  The show itself has gone great and while onstage the brother and sister seem to get along just great, but off stage it’s a whole different story. Marie has always enjoyed a successful solo career while her brother has floundered to try and find his groove.

According to the June 3rd print edition of National Enquirer, Donny is trying to piece together a new talk show and the pressure of watching his sister find mountains of success is starting to take a toll on both of them. He has become difficult to deal with and Marie has, until now, held on and continued to work with Donny because the money is great and she knows he want earn as much on his own. Marie’s patience is pretty much gone now though and she is counting the days until their current contract ends so that she can do her own thing.

Unlike Donny, Marie’s solo career has thrived. She’s a successful talk show host, author and a great pitch woman. She has no concern about earning a living and is anxious to step away from all of the stress that comes from working with her brother.

Why do you think Donny struggle when Marie is so widely loved? Should he be setting his sights on another talk show or would he be better off doing something completely different rather than recycling the same old ideas? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Lynn Stanes says

    This is such a load of bull! If Marie wanted to dump him, she’d find some family tradegy to exploit and do it. Donny can — and was — sell out Vegas and stadiums all over the UK on his own. He has a much bigger fan base than she ever will. This story smacks of her publicist team’s normal tricks to get her some attention. Marie threw away two marriages (and maybe a third) , ignored all the children she insisted on having/ adopting even when they had major issues, and uses her brothers to promote her career. If dumping Donny was better for her, she would do it a heartbeat. She just knows that SHE needs HIM to make the $$$ she so loves

  2. pcamper says

    I think Donny and Marie are equally talented and loved by most. Also, they are as of this date, January 2018, still performing in Las Vegas together.

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