Isabella Cruise Fed Up With Scientology – Reconnects With Estranged Mother, Nicole Kidman

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Isabella Cruise Reconnects With Estranged Mother, Nicole Kidman

Tom Cruise must be really unhappy! Last year he lost then-wife, Katie Holmes and daily access to his daughter Suri and now it looks like his older daughter, Isabella Cruise as decided Scientology is not for her either! In recent weeks Isabella’s boyfriend, Eddie Frencher has completely severed ties with the elistest cult and in doing so, Isabella was left with a heavy duty decision of her own. Either she would follow Tom’s lead and shun everyone that leaves Scientology, or she would follow Eddie out the door and that’s exactly what she opted to do.

According to GLOBE, since Isabella is no longer being controlled by Scientology she has also decided to seek out estranged mother, Nicole Kidman. When she and Tom divorced over a decade ago, Tom insisted that the kids live with him and shun Nicole so this reunion has been a very long time in coming.

Supposedly Isabella and Eddie are loving spending time with Nicole and her husband, Keith Urban. Both have gone into the studio with Keith and are interested in actually working with him on a few country songs. I guess once Isabella started to think independently she realized that she really wanted her mother in her life. The fact that they are getting along so well only fuels the fact that they never really should have been separated in the first place! How do you think that control freak Tom is dealing with not being able to control his daughter?  Will he decide to shun her as well? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: FameFlynetUK/FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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  1. Laz says

    If you put a cult before your kids, you need a time out.

    1. Caryatid says

      There’s a lot of stupid spoken about scientology.

      The only ex-scientologists who are shut out are those who raise a big, hateful stink. If Sue or joe just decides not to take more classes or to attend a different church…No problem.

      As for people who scream and insult the religion and try to make every scientologist out to be some kind of monster or fool….who wants that kind of obnoxious ass at a party anyway?

      1. Johnbuoy says

        I’d rather have “that kind of obnoxious ass at a party” than a practicing Scientologist, thank you very much. Personally, I don’t believe in any type of invisible friend, but one who flies around in space and dangles the offer of your own, personal planet, especially disinterests me.

        1. Madam X says

          Agreed! The thing about being an ex-scientologist at a party (aka ass) is that it is seriously awkward to talk about these days. What fools! So happy for Isabella. Who the hell do they think they are, or does Tom think he is, to separate children from their mother? Cruise is the ass.

          1. Jodi Jonas says

            REally Tom and Family..your kids taken away from the ONLY MOM they knew…they were adopted..and then becuz of your obsession with this religion..that seems sick..n mysterious..Nicole had no contact or public contact with those children she helped raise..what is wrong with you, trying to CONTROL everything?? Money Money Money…help others with your money..donate to homeless children..who are not Scientologists..not that church..or creepy blue center..bldg..that you call a are NOT better than God himself..or others..just for being involved in that church..Let those children..aka young adults now..see their MOM..she had to have her own kids..with Keith Urban who is a REAL man….GROW UP Tom..n wake up to what is real in this world..a Mothers LOVE….you cannot replace with money!! ..

        2. ToeKneeFLYBOY says

          believing in nothing requires faith.. so it’s a religion…like’s not fact science, it’s faith science…

          1. Lalita says

            No, it doesn’t.

            Maybe you need to look up “religion.” It doesn’t mean what you think.

          2. Joe says

            Spoken like the religious cult member that you are. Science is FACT. Religion is nothing but parables that were never meant to be taken literally.

        3. Lola says

          oh come on! If we were all invisable ,living on invisable planets with our invisible friends wouldn’t that solve all the problems of over population & obesity & famine. I don’t think Invisable people need to eat. That would be too gross!. Maybe not so bad if we all went back to black & white tv…?

          1. Friend says

            @Joe: Religion is NOT a “bunch of parables”. The Christian Bible, for example, is an historical document — it includes the reporting of instances where Jesus used parables to illustrate some points. Not at all the same thing as what you’re claiming.

        4. lauren says

          thank. you. time to boycott the shunners.

      2. drdebo says

        Not true i.e. lie

      3. Sylva says

        Scientology is a made-up “religion” begun by a science fiction writer. It is NOT a religion, but a cult, plain and simple. And those who belong to a cult are generally low IQ, socially ill-equipt, and generally easily led. They are idoctrinated and brainwashed.. History proves this. And ANY religion or cult that makes you shun your own family because of different beliefs or life choices is dangerous. And those who would choose the cult over their own loved ones are not only dangerous, but ignorant beyond reason! Don’t even try to defend it – you are easily dismissed as a kook!

        1. David Sattgast says

          You do know that religion is just a fancy word for cult?
          Atheism is the only way to go if you truly want to get away from cult ideals…

          1. ToeKneeFLYBOY says

            believing in nothing requires faith.. so it’s a religion…like’s not fact science, it’s faith science… –

          2. ToeKneeFLYBOY says

            believing in nothing requires faith.. so it’s a religion…like’s not fact science, it’s faith science… –

          3. ThomasG says

            Not really but if you are happy thinking that then that is okay. Atheism is basically making man your god.

          4. join the conversation says

            I agree that every religion is basically a cult, the difference between them is how dangerous they can be.
            But let’s be honest, pretty much every single atheist who comes accross with a situation where their lives are in a deadly danger, they always end up praying to God. Atheism is a fancy word for those who don’t find a logical and rational explanation to why they should be inside a temple “talking” to someone they can’t see.
            And that’s okay with me.

          5. Fefe428 says

            Sorry, but I have disagree with you there…I am a very vocal and proud Agnostic. which means that while I don’t necessarily dismiss the possibility of a higher power I do not subscribe to or belong to any religious group, so no Atheism is not the ONLY way to go!!!

          6. Melody Davis-Ham says

            i was just going to ask about Agnostic? because I think sometimes I could be,. I don’t like religions, but I believe in a higher power, I pray but I don’t have a lot of faith.

        2. leslie ryan says

          All religions are made up……by someone.

        3. Lola says

          one person in Congress voted it a religion so it coud be tax exempt. Pay off anyone…?

      4. Mani says

        Referring to the following comment:

        “The only ex-scientologists who are shut out are those who raise a big, hateful stink. If Sue or joe just decides not to take more classes or to attend a different church…No problem.”

        That’s untrue. I know a number of people who have left Scientology and were labelled as enemies of the church, simply for leaving, no stink made by them whatsoever and church members were told not to interact with them in any way, as they were now SP or “Suppressive Persons”. I am not criticising anyone for wanting to be a Scientologist, but simply pointing out that the statement made was incorrect.

        1. Christy Cuthbertson says

          Jehovah Witnesses are the same way. If someone does something that they do not approve of they are ex-communicated and even their family is not allowed to speak or interact with them. I thought the goal of religions is to bring people closer and to know Christ or God. I know that so many Jehovah Witnesses celebrate Christmas and birthdays is secret because those are two no-no’s to be celebrated by a JW

      5. John Bridge says

        Well, I surely wouldn’t want someone with a mind like bucket with a hole in it like you at my party. This isn’t a religion; it is a cult. Grow the fu*k up, moron!

      6. Wendy says

        Though once a huge Tom cruise fan, I can’t condone the elitist crap that Scientology puts out Scientology is nothing but a cult for the super rich and famous . They should have been shut down along time ago they are causing a lot of pain and suffering as well as parental alienation.

        What kind of church has a CELEBRITY CENTER??” None that I’ve ever heard of , Scientology is nothing but a rip off , and I can’t wait until they are finally exposed fir the scam artists they are . Sorry, Tom.

      7. Starshadow says

        Actually, Nicole would have been labeled at least a potential trouble source, (PTS) if not a SP (suppressive person.) And no, you don’t have to “raise a big stink” to be targeted by Scientology. If that was true, Leah Remini would not have immediately been shunned by her former friend Kirstie Alley–because Leah only asked where her friend Shelley Miscavige was–and was told she was not allowed to ask that question. Also, I can vouch for having seen “Church”(spit) harassment of those who dare to leave.

        Scientology splits up families. Scientology kills. Scientology LIES. It’s Sacred Hubbard Doctrine. “[Enemies of Scientology] may be tricked, lied to, sued, and destroyed.” And “We are not a ‘turn the other cheek’ religion.” Both quotes by Ron Hubbard, founder.

        1. Jodi Jonas says

          That comment speaks the truth..and its awful…why isn’t this church their harrassent of others who do NOT want to be involved with this faith..or whatever you call this…aka CULT?? Come on..wake up..and do something about the cruelty of these people..robotics..Stepford Wives..was written with this church in mind..I applaude Leah R..for having the guts n balls to leave the church..and were NEVER her friend..afraid of not speaking to Leah..?? why?? you gonna get in trouble?? sit in the corner..with a dunce hat…well..maybe you should..YOU oversized cow!!….ahhh nasty…bush..

          1. Elizabeth says

            Money talks and the people who should be investigating the cult are easily bought.

          2. non believer is Scientology but believer in not calling names says

            you rude person for calling someone that because of the way they feel. Not condoning what she believes but to call names is extremely childish

        2. Lala says

          Scientology was banned & asked to LEAVE by Germany! They were informed that they were crooks ( more or less) and would NOT be allowed to spew their “idiocy” in their country. I wonder when they will be Investigated?! The Expose on Vanity Fair made my hair stand. Hard to believe that in 2015 this is still going on. So much hatred, lies & BS.

        3. Christy Cuthbertson says

          And what kind of “church” makes you sign a contract to be a part of it, let alone a billion year contract. I think LRH was a kook drug addict and he found some really desperate people to follow him with the writing of his books which tell people just what they want to hear in order to fulfill their lives. And what does it mean that they think they are “clearing the planet”? Clearing it of what? These people are no different than other cults (David Koresch, Timmothy Leary, Jim Jones ) and so many others.

      8. Nate says

        Kidman didn’t make any sort of fuss, and yet Cruise cut the kids out of her life. Thats’ despicable behavior.

        1. SoTrueNate says

          Honestly…why wasn’t something done about this church taking MOTHERS from their ex should JOIN this church..he is all about cruelty and taking MOTHERS FROM THEIR KIDS..but he profits from his mother..he has her bank his pocket..and plans on a takeover.once she is no longer around..he has stopped going to his own faith..cause he has zero faith ..and he too is hollow inside..and that choc..bunny..with a hollow center..only air..bad air..bad man..bad morals..equals evil…who does this?? takes adopted children..from a Mom they didn’t ever get to meet to another Mother..they were taken away from..Tom and my two should talk..about how good you feel being jerks…doesn’t money feel better..than being others…I bet it your world…GROW THE Heck UP..look in the mirror and do YOU really see who you you like yourself..?? YOU must..but you are ugly on the inside which shows on the outside..!!!!

          1. Tina says

            Narcissists… sad sad sad….

      9. susi learn says

        i beg to differ. i was involved, up close and personal with this cult and it’s all about power, control and $$$$. i was threatened by them just for trying to talk to a member (once a good friend) and a scientology wedding i attended (they’re all about ‘morals’) and i never saw so much booze and cocaine.

        this is not a religion-it is a business with a wicked agenda.

        1. Lola says

          Why don’t all te people who left get together & expose it for the money gruping business that it is thus making it pay years of back taxes. With the money woes they may lose some of the buildings & compounds. They can be turned into educational living quarters for street children & those who age out of Foster Care. I’ll go teach for free. Why not?

      10. Staggo Lee says

        Scientology is not a religion. It’s not even a cult. It’s a huge RICO scheme.

      11. cldrink says

        Those scientology fees pay for some amazing lawyers, looks like they pay for some internet trolls too! Say hi to Lord Xenu for me. Btw everyone should watch the vice documentary about scientology, a comedy and tragedy in one episode.

        1. jen says

          Where is this documentary and what is the actual title? It sounds like something I would like to watch. Thanks.

          1. tom says

            The documentary is called “Going Clear” by Alex Gibney and it’s on HBO this month. You can find it on demand too.

      12. Youredisillusioned says

        Well clearly you are a member of scientology or you have not seen the plethora of reports out there by former members of this insane, money hungry, power tripping cult!
        A lot of former members have come out and spoke publicly about their own ordeals within the cult and how awful they were treated and all while giving the cult all of their hard earned money??
        And that’s just the people who were allowed to leave the compounds!! Get your facts straight before you defend a cult.
        Do you know if you are a member and you have friends or family who are not members, who also question the cult, the scientologist is told to cut off all ties. They expect you to cut off all ties with your loved ones if they do not approve. I have a friend who is a hard core christian, I am not religious, it does NOT affect our friendship because we are grown adults who accept we have different views. However, that is not to say that scientology is even a view or a religion. It is a cult.
        Baptist, Methodist, Buddhist, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, Prodestant, Muslim. NONE of these religions REQUIRE you to give your money to them. Jehovah and scientology however, do. But nah its not a cult is it?

      13. eeenok says

        well, quick as the scientologists are to spin the comment sections with their company narrative, you only have to read a random selection of ANY of the vast literature of ex-scientologist accounts to realise that there’s a well documented, consistent story of scientology shunning ex members, arbitrarily declaring them (or anybody else any authority figure doesn’t like) as “SP”, and generally behaving like demented bullies. all i can say is, the more you study the more you’ll get a clue and the more easily you’ll be able to dismiss the opinions of “people” like caryatid as worthless. for my money, the new documentary sounds a bit hyperbolic, and if you really want a thorough understanding of the history and culture of scientology, read Inside Scientology, by Janet Reitman (available as an EXCELLENT audio book)

      14. Hime says

        But the thing is you SHOULD be able to “raise a big stink” about a cult you no longer belong to and not risk to lose access to your kids or other loved ones. That’s the whole point. Also, when you are a celebrity and you decide to leave it’s going to raise a “big stink” whether you want to or not. Lastly, Scientology is not a religion. I went to one of those “stress test” things where they told me where my life was “blocked” and then basically asked me to pay tens of thousands of dollars for someone to tell me how to get over it. Lol. If not a cult at the very best it’s super expensive alternative therapy. A religion doesn’t put profit as its first aim.

      15. Shelly says

        Ha funny
        I know for a fact regular people get shunned
        People that didn’t cause any trouble at all.

      16. D says

        my only first hand experience with scientology was over 36 years ago. at 19 I decided to move across the country from Massachusetts to san Francisco. while there I was approached by a group of people offering a free lunch … who can say no to a free lunch? went with them and was given a “personality test” … they then proceeded to tell me I had failed the personality test! as a Massachusetts (Boston area) home girl, (with all of the sarcasm that entails!). I asked them … “how can I flunk a personality test???” “does this mean I have NO personality???” as we bantered back and forth about this (okay, it was mainly me bantering) they came to the conclusion that I was not a suitable candidate for their cult (I mean group … not really). they then proceeded to kick me out … I asked as I left “What? no free lunch?????)

      17. Mia says

        Oh……Im sorry but you are a fool.
        That is not a religion, it is made from a crazy psychotic man’s night terrors.
        Built on Lies, money, and fear.
        God is Love….. plain and simple.
        You get what you give.
        Be kind and love one another.
        Any “religion” that instills fear or judging your peers for being outsiders because you can’t get to levels or plane of magical consciousness from outer space worlds is crazy.
        It promotes Hate and Self Righteousness.

        Point Blank.

      18. Kat MacKenzie says

        I’m sure that Scientologists were told not to watch the documentary “Going Clear”, because if they did there would be an exodus from the cult.

        Caryatid, there a a lot of mothers and fathers who are left with nothing but memories of their children who are spending their lives shunning their parents because the parents either left the cult, or were excommunicated from the cult for various infringements of the very cultish rules.

        I used to belong to a spiritual group comprised of, I thought, intelligent, open-minded people. It shocked me to see how easily and quickly a group can become a cult, and its members don’t even realize that it changed. The control starts with suggestions and explanations that seem plausible (at least, if you want to keep believing)… then the suggestions become pressures, which eventually morph into strictly enforced mandates.

        Once the controllers have weeded out the more vocal free-thinkers, the remainder (sadly, the vast majority) of the members have become more compliant and easier to control. They are discouraged from maintaining relationships with former members. Then they are told outright that the former members are enemies who have betrayed them… and members, who don’t want to be shunned themselves, shun their old friends, or families, as the case may be. It’s a very methodical process and the members of such cults don’t even realize that they are in a cult, accepting typical cult control and cult orders.

        It was a real eye-opening education for me, and I’m glad I got to experience it firsthand. Unfortunately, it is a very small percentage of souls who can recognize a cult while still in it, and cut it loose. Most human beings are easily led. If you know anything about Milgram’s experiment in obedience to authority, you know that practically everyone will obey authority even when it goes completely against their ethical and moral standards.

        1. Viki says

          What liartbeing knowledge. Give me liberty or give me death.

      19. Nunofyerbiznus says

        Scientologists are nothing but freak controlling asshats that need to be locked up for their crimes!!

      20. nina says

        I think that any child in the world should choose which religious way is better to serve his soul and person, for me scientology is just a gourou sect that tries to have an over control on people.. if you want to help people -as they pretend- do it for free and let them free don’t put them in quarantine be cause you are scared of the untruthful shits that you are serving. I respect all religions and beliefs but not the ones who are making profits of poor lonely people who need only help

      21. Diane W says

        Maybe that is how it should be but unfortunately, there are many (that I know personally) scientologist that shun people just because they are no longer members and I am not talking about anyone who is bad mouthing the organization. It is just like with Jehovah’s Witnesses, I have heard a couple of senior elders say they should not shun people unless certain circumstances exists but many shun anyone who is no longer a member. I know sisters who no longer speak to their sister simply because she has chosen to no longer be a witness. The one sister never bad mouths the organization but her other two sisters refuse to speak to her simply because she no longer goes to the Kingdom Hall. It’s ridiculous how people let these religious organizations brain wash them. What business is it of these organizations if someone speaks to someone else. I fell sorry for the poor brainwashed people who think they are doing these stupid things in the name of God or a higher power.

      22. CARYATID, you idiot says

        Hey Caryatid – There’s a lot of “stupid” in your comment. People are bitter about scientology because when they finally realize that it’s all hokum, by then it hurt them economically, socially and emotionally. Nice of you to care.

        You should perhaps think before you post. You only come off as an uninformed and callous moron who “wants” to have an opinion about something but can’t figure out how to collect facts to support your comments.

      23. Sylvie Migner says

        Scientology is not a religion it’s a cult.

    2. Blackcurry says

      You got that right! Especially a “religion” that tries to separate you from your family. L Ron Hubbard must be laughing hysterically at all those who would follow a sci fi writer’s made up religion. Just wait until the mother ship takes them all to another planet. LOL

      1. Viv Harkness says

        I wish they’d take them all to another planet now.

    3. RealityJane says

      I agree…a CULT is nothing but a CULT not a religion..!!..You soulless individuals who have to join something like this to find some sort of identity you were never born with…or something you felt you missed as a child..then you JOIN this charade…Wake up…and Smell the Scam

      1. Hime says

        Although I don’t think Scientology is a religion I don’t think Christianity, as a religion, is any better. They’re both BS for different reasons. People go to Christianity for the SAME REASONS they go to Scientology- they can’t deal with their lives and the idea of death. They need something to cling to to make it OK. The only difference between Scientology and Christianity is that Scientology has “how to” books to make you feel like you’re actually getting help whereas Christianity is more of a “pray and hope for the best” approach.

        1. Queenbee says

          Idiot! – if you’re going to argue something, make sure you find out your facts about both sides of a story, not make up something which is a feel-good, oh look how intelligent I am which turns out to prove just how ignorant you really are being.

          Christianity is nothing like Scientology. I don’t extort $$ & betray trust w friends, nor turn them against their own family. Heck, I don’t even do that w enemies. Thank God there is a God and that He has his hand on this world. One of these fine days, he’ll be back to prove it so idiots like you et al, can eat your words.

          1. Rose says

            Wow – the irony… You attack and insult just like the best of the Scientologists. The same mindless utter belief in myths and made up stories.

            You actually managed to PROVE the previous posters point – that Scientology and other religions/cults differ only in the names and details.

            But Hime is the “idiot”?

            You’re just too funny 🙂

    4. giddy girl23 says

      Tom Curise will never have his family ..because of his douchebag need to stay with Scientology. As for Isabella and Eddie i am glad they shuned the scientology crap and tom. Good luck little girl I hope you and your mother Nicole Have a good life/

    5. Bobbie Smith says

      if Tom shuns his daughter it will be his loss people are leaving this ridiculous cult by the dozens and I see being even more soon because they do not want
      someone else in total control of their lives.

    6. Katz says

      You should lose your kids until you can be de-culted.

  2. lukenbandit says

    Praise God for Eddie and Isabella finally seeing the light of a dark dark place. Under their rules, Tom is suppose to shun Katie AND SURI, and now Eddie and Isabella but he hasn’t and they force the ones below the upper echelon to SHUN SHUN SHUN. Eddie, Isabella, Connor, Suri, Katie, Nicole, Keith and family keep your eyes on Jesus! He will get you through this!! He loves you so much! God bless you all.

    1. Thom says

      Praise God? That is what got all of them into this in the first place. Religion is for the weak. Accept that there is no one who forgives everything you do wrong and maybe people will live better lives.

      1. Ice says

        How can you even began to call this a religion? The idol they pray to is a dead science fiction author! Good lord read your facts before you start flapping your jaws!

        1. Johnnyboy says

          As opposed to what? Stories from bronze age Palestine, passed on by oral tradition, until maybe eventually written down by very few who had a command of the written word? You’re right. Way more credible source.

          1. Lalita says

            So, if you’re suggesting Scientology is as ludicrous as Christianity, you aren’t making a compelling argument.

        2. joann says

          Ron hubbard was also a pedophile. Tom cruise is a mindless moran who cannot think for himself. He may have been handsome at one time but we now know he is brainless.

          1. Johnbuoy says

            Do be careful- when you misspell “moron”, you give people what might be a wrong impression.

        3. Court says

          No one prays to or worships L. Ron Hubbard in Scientology. This is the same mindless banter that Catholics hear when it comes to “worshiping” Mary. Catholics don’t worship Mary but honor her as the mother of Jesus Christ. Prejudice in religion is nothing new. It’s the uninformed spewing propaganda and poorly formed opinions based on what??? Oh, the media and what it portrays. Because if it’s on “” it must be true….seriously?

          1. Candace says

            I’ve been there. Watching people stand to their feet and applaud as the giant picture of Ron Hubbard scrolls down from its perch near the ceiling unfurling to unmitigated adoration.

            Uninformed propaganda my eye. Education is in order here.


      2. Polly Sci says

        Amen. LOL! Honestly, I’ve never heard it sent better.

        1. Polly Sci says

          Amen. LOL! Honestly, I’ve never heard it said better.

      3. Wendy says

        I disagree. I’m a devout Christian , I’ve never been tempted to follow a cult. The cult of Scientology has nothing to do with Christianity, Judaism, Islam or Buddhism . It has to do with being greedy , being controlling , and the need to be superior over every one else.

    2. doobi says

      That’s just trading one cult for another. You are as bad as each other.

    3. Moshe says

      Don’t praise Jesus. jesus is a false Messiah, the son of a prostitute.

      1. lINDA says


      2. Jen says

        Likewise, your religion is a bunch of murderous bastards that crucified an innocent man.

      3. Christy Aldridge says

        Said someone with an agenda, many years after the fact.

      4. Kathy Steeves says

        He’s not a false Messiah Moses. He’s the one and only Messiah, and He loves you very much. He gave His life for you, so that you could have eternity. Read Zechariah 12:10, And I will pour upon the house of David, and upon the inhabitants of Jerusalem, the spirit of grace and of supplications: and they shall look upon me whom they have pierced, and they shall mourn for him, as one mourneth for his only son, and shall be in bitterness for him, as one that is in bitterness for his firstborn. The Messiah you defame, is the very same spoken of by the Prophet Zechariah. Study the Word my friend. Time is short before He returns.

      5. Kiara says

        According to who, islam?

        1. The Biblical Scholar says

          According to Judaism. in the first century BCE and CE the world “Miri” was a slang term prostitute. Thus making his name in Hebrew Yeshi ben Miri is translated as Jesus, son of the Prostitute. The Christians made Miri into Mary but the names original meaning was prostitute

      6. Sogirl says

        I cannot believe you said that, Moshe! Your remark is pathetic .

    4. Michael Anthony says

      So good to see this young woman have her Eyes OPENED to the Truth that
      Scientology IS NOT FOR Anyone! Such an ugly CULT!
      I pray Isabella Believes the TRUTH: that
      Jesus Christ Died for her Sins (and Everyone’s too) was Buried
      and Rose Again the Third Day!
      This is the Truth! This is the Good News for All
      who Seek Salvation of their Soul!!
      Always good to See someone Come to their Senses and

      1. DJ says

        @Michael Anthony – What would really be nice would be if EVERYONE would come to their senses and flee ALL religions! They’re all bullshit.

        1. olga dahlstrom says

          AMEN! (a little irony there…)

          1. Viv Harkness says


      2. Lionel Evans says

        Amen to the truth about the One and only God and His Son, Jesus, the Christ!

    5. drdebo says

      Christian religion is similar to this cult- although scientology doesn’t claim a god- which prevents it from being a religion- its a philosophy- or rather psychology- which is absurd and based on sociopathy. But BOTH are just as bad as each other- because they require delusional mind sets and “programs” people to believe their particular dogma.

      1. David Sattgast says

        Exactly, dude I love you let’s get married and adopt some kids, and then move to Japan or somewhere outside the USA. <3

      2. Wendy says

        Such utter nonesence . The first thing I was taught was to be kind to others , to help one another . We Catholics are not into brainwashing such b.s.

        everybody believes what we believe . No one has the right yo insult another persons religious or cultural beliefs.

        1. Sam says

          For all the Christains defending Christianity, the institution of the church IS a false prophet and blasphemer. To not see this is to be insane. How many people were tortured in horrendous ways and murdered (in the name of God/Jesus ahem BLASPHEMY) due to the cult of Constantine—the roman who had Christ’s peaceful message usurped by people he appointed to his roman court to rise in hierarchy, to speak the name of God in vain to commit holocausts worse than Hitler ever did. I don’t agree with Scientology but anyone still following the church has been mentally brainwashed and conditioned out of recognizing it as bad as ISIS, Hitler, etc. Don’t believe in the church = death, torture racks, burnings, accusing people of witchcraft, killing even their pets. Common, its insane. when you try to bully people into joining your cult and into feeling judged for not going along you sound ridiculous.

          Wake up. Learn about the Essenes, early Christianity, how even the monastic tradition arose based on Jesus real teachings and how under “Catholicism” (Constantine’s creation) it was overrun and taken over by threat of death. You guys have been brainwashed into thinking the dead sea scrolls/gospels that have been found are some satanic doctrine which old testament prophecy even recognized that these would be found before the end times.

          For the real truth you have to find it back in the origins which is with the Essenes, Nazarenes, Mandaeans, and others who were Jewish, into messianic beliefs and into producing Messiahs. Yes, they tried to create messiahs, lots of them. It was the in thing back then. The Mandaeans even recognized Jesus as a false prophet and felt John the Baptist was the real savior. Johanism was big back then too, who in the Mandaean texts John wasn’t too happy about baptizing Jesus and saw him as a false prophet. Look all this stuff up. If Constantine fell in love with Johanism, you would all be worshiping John instead of Jesus.

          The Essenes completely separated themselves from Rome. This is why there is so much mention in the bible of releasing the world and attachments to it. How Christians will be persecuted (because back then they were persecuted by Romans) etc. But when you cling to a Roman religion and a Roman Institution you are in Paul’s words seeking “to be enslaved by all those miserable forces all over again.” Read Galatians. Paul talks alot about being a heir to God and releasing the need to follow laws. For when you serve God and his law’s (not the convoluted ones humans made) you no longer need to serve mere men and their laws.

          The institution of Christianity is just as much a delusion as Scientology. Kings and popes trying to promote themselves as Gods in past, whole cultures like the Cathars being tortured, persecuted till they were completely wiped out. Its on par with choosing to continue to worship Nazism even after a holocaust. How can you go to a church which historically did what Hitler did? And if Hitler is labeled an anti-Christ it makes the church one as well.

          Only difference is that the conditioning goes way deeper with Christianity because way back when if you didn’t go along with the right interpretation you were killed and this control just phased out over time but the roots of persecution and holocausts and blasphemy is still there but its just considered history. But think clearly, you who are in alignment with the Beast and his image. Question clearly your alignment. The bible does say that almost all would be decieved during the end of times.

          As for people talking about cults the word “cult” is in the word “Culture.” Its ALL a cult. Only way to find truth is to get free of all of them and to start to think outside the box and to begin to question ALL alliances, all you serve, all your beliefs and where they come from and what is the truth. Even new agers and your manifest a million dollars abundance mentality. Look deeper. Who are you really and truly serving in all of that? Possibly we can save the world from all the destruction done to it if we wake up, see what we serve and start to do the right thing and care about the whole instead of just our own egoic agendas and the egoic agendas of others.

    6. Hannah says

      I’m not educated in scientology..but I’m glad she’s turned away from it. Shunning people because they don’t want to be apart of something like religion, especially your family, is very sad. I am a Christian and even though it breaks my heart thinking about it, if my family turned their backs to YHWH and hated me, I would never shun them. Love for one another is God being displayed throughout this world..not hateful acts. And, beloved..when people curse against you, God, or Christ due to the fake you believe in Him, don’t let it hurt your feelings or change you. They don’t know how it is to be saved and to have the peace of God (which cannot be obtained by believing and then continuing in your sinful ways again). This world is not permanante, neither are their comments. And Christianity does not promote hate..the people who display hate and claim to be children are sinning against not only God but themselves. It’s like telling everyone you’re white when you’re really black. Just some people do not educate themselves and lead themselves off bad examples. But, love to all of you. Shalom and God bless. <3 Romans 1:16

    7. Sylva says

      And you are almost as bad: thinking some storybook figure will help you in all you do in life and forgive all your sins is just as ridiculous. If you live your life like it is solely YOUR OWN responsibility to answer for, perhaps things would be much better in this world today. Nobody is going to forgive your sins and allow you to enter some mythical place with streets lined with gold floating up in the clouds, so do your best while here on earth. Maybe your soul will come back for another try at being a good person… then again, maybe not.

  3. vivi says

    freedom may god be with you

  4. Sierra says

    Tom Cruise is a moron. With all his money and looks, I wouldn’t touch him with a ten foot pole.

    Scientology was begun by L. Ron Hubbard – he was friends with Aleister Crowley (Research that name). Crowley was a satanist, bragged about sacraficing babies to satan, was a pedophile, drug addict and just a really messed up person.

    Birds of a feather flock togeather.

    Jesus is Lord and y’all better get right with God cause with all the signs we are nearing the end times. Not saying it’s coming tomorrow or next week, next month – but glad for Isabella. Nicole better watch out for Suri, cause I have a feeling Tom or the Scientology Cult is not above kidnapping Suri.

    What anyone sees in Mr. Cruise is beyond me, after seeing him jump around on Oprah’s couch, totally turned me off to him.

    1. Marc says

      Jesus is Lord and y’all better get right with God cause with all the signs we are nearing the end times. Not saying it’s coming tomorrow or next week, next month – but glad for issabella
      How long have you been in a dooms day cult? what you say here sounds just as bad as scientotology.

      1. hokey pokey says

        When one is strong enough there is no need to imagine a ‘god’ to appease or who will sanction your life choices.

        Tiny minds prefer tiny boxes.

    2. Moshe says

      There is only one G-d and it is not the false Messiah named Jesus whose mothered played the whore with carpenters. Christianity is an anti-Semitic, Jew-hating religion that is against G-d.

      1. lINDA says


      2. joann says

        And who is this only one God that you believe in. L.ron hubbard?

      3. ant says

        christianity is not anti semetic and true christians respect Judaism because Jesus was born jewish. you’re a moron. Mother Mary was married to Joseph and according to our bible she became pregnant through immaculate conception. How does that make her a whore? I rather be christian/catholic than in a weird cult like scientology who’s leader was a lose scifi author pedophile piece of SHIT

        1. world court says

          “Immaculate conception” is the result of poor translation. Roman Catholic dogma has been much more “realistic” in their biblical scholars’ research; Mary was “without sin” in a spiritual sense, not a physical “virgin”.

    3. Rick Sanboni says

      Mental midgets. May their “church” crumble into dust.

  5. Libertine says

    Crowley though Hubbard was an idiot . Hubbard was connected to Crowley through Jack Parsons whom he performed rituals with. Scientology is not about anything Christian and both the devil and Christ are Christian constructs. Therefore it is not devil worship. Neither is scientology based on Crowley’s ideas. Scientology is however an organisation which violates the civil rights of its members and bankrupts them. It is far more inciduous than devil worship as it actually ruins lives.

    1. Blue Lobster says

      “Crowley though Hubbard was an idiot . Hubbard was connected to Crowley through Jack Parsons whom he performed rituals with.”
      Crowley called them idiots in a letter he wrote from Great-Britain when he learned that H and JP had been performing a “Moon Child” ritual.

      “Scientology is not about anything Christian and both the devil and Christ are Christian constructs. Therefore it is not devil worship.”
      Satan is not a Christian construct. Neither is Christ, but that’s harder to prove. So you should rethink your claims.

  6. Karie says

    Well done Isabella for following your heart. Lovely to hear you have reunited with your Mother.

  7. Sage says

    Who really cares what Tom thinks, control freaks like him are over, way over!

  8. Jan says

    I am glad that a daughter and mother are being re-united – Nobody has a right, (except where physical and/or mental harm is being imposed on a child) to seperate families. Scientology in my opinion is a cultish group and presented as a so called religion. However I think it that entraps the minds of the people that join it through various courses/methods. Perhaps what is now happening with Tom Cruise’s family will bring Tom himself to his senses and he will leave this cult. Why would anyone want to worship a dead science fiction author anyway. People who join this group and part with their money need to think – unfortunately I suspect like a lot of cults/sects free thinking and questions that threaten to expose real roots are surpressed. I have heard and read of many people being parted with fortunes and even left destitute through scientology — There should be a full enquiry as to wether people were made to part with their money through legal means or were co-erced – I f co-erced and I suspect it is co-ercion – then this is stealing and appropriate sentences should be handed out to those that did it – especially if they made somebody sign something that perhaps the didn’t understand or fully comprehend. Anyway I hope scientology becomes fully exposed for what it truly is in a way that will make people at least think about what they may be getting into before joining it.

  9. jt says

    seriously, what is the difference between a religion and a cult?

    1. cp says

      The difference between a religion and a cult lies in how families are treated. A healthy religious environment strengthens family ties, encourages family bonds, while a cult seeks to destroy that bond and keep a family’s influence away, as the cult is the only influence allowed. Religions are open to the community, cults keep non-believers out and promote members to cut off ties with their families too. Religions promote an ideology, cults demand belief. Tom’s “religion” forced members to shun non-believers and sought to separate families. In cults the leaders have sole power over members lives and decisions.

      1. David Sattgast says

        There is no difference, stop pretending there is

      2. Viv Harkness says

        Everyone is entitled to their own personal opinion about “religion”. But when that “religion” or “belief” doesn’t accept people based on sexual preference, other spiritual beliefs, etc, it is no better than a hateful cult. People can sprout their beliefs all they want, but when hate rears its ugly head there’s got to be something intrinsically flawed with that tenet.

  10. Linsey C says

    To differ from previous comments, I wont bash someone else’s beliefs. It isn’t our place to decide what is right to believe in. We all think our beliefs are the right one’s. Just like all of us are different….our beliefs are too. I think the most important thing here is that mother and daughter are reunited…..not what the poor girl believes in.

  11. mary ellen says

    It is a cult religion. God is good. Jesus is Love & Mercy not condemnation, Good for them to realize that this religion is not from God but from humans. Maybe Tom Cruise will someday get saved by Jesus love and mercy. Amen & Amen.

    1. DJ says

      @mary ellen: Your religion is also “from humans”. There is no God.

  12. Devorah Aikman says

    My prayer is for both families to receive the Love and Grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, along with the true Word of God, forgive each other for past mistakes, Lord knows we all have made them and to nurture an atmosphere of love and grace for their own peace and for the good of their children. God bless them all.

  13. Nannasheart_5 says

    Praise God!! Oh the house he is preparing and will be for all those that seek Him. It pleases my heart to know that Nicole is as kind as I have expected her to be. Keith has such a gentle nature. I pray for Gods grace for them as they enter a new journey in their lives. God Bless you all.

    1. Viv Harkness says

      To nanasheart_5. What about those that don’t seek him and still do good and kind deeds? Is this “house” going to be for them too or are they going to rot in hell simply for not jumping on the religious bandwagon and believing in themselves?

  14. Ruby Leuty says

    Good for Isabella. She should have the love of both parents though and maybe one day someone will see that family is what matters and not which church they go to. Religion is another whole story and that’s up to the individual to seek out their truth which comes throuh study and prayer.

  15. Serpentor says

    I’m surprised nobody commented on his daughter’s horrible botched plastic surgery. Disgusting, unethical, and immoral. Exactly what Scientology is all about!

  16. Julie says

    “Isabella Cruise as* decided Scientology is not for her” *has

  17. Darrin says

    Everyone just calm down and watch the nhl hockey playoffs

  18. Leo says

    Tom should really be is asking himself if his “religion” (cult) is worth the loss of his wife, family etc. His fans turned on him and all for what? I believe he wants to turn away from Sceintology but they prolly arent making it easy for him (blackmail is how they roll)..sad

    1. Blue Lobster says

      Tom probably realizes everything he has he has acquired thanks to his Scientology friends. Who would want to give it all up ? And he sees how even those who once were dear to him are treated after leaving Scientology. I think the idea of being shunned doesn’t appeal much to Tom.

  19. Penny says

    I’m thankful a young girl who was made to shun her mother for over 10 years is free to see her and build a relationship with her.

  20. Faith says

    They certainly take a lot of money from their members, and separate families. Makes them sign contracts, and work very long hours for very little money, and promote abortion. This is not Godly.

  21. Kiara says

    Moshe comment: “Mary was a prostitute”

    I say…..”According to who….islam?

  22. Scientology? says

    I don’t understand. So they take people money, yet they work for very long hours for little money?
    How does that make sense?
    So the members give all their money and they have to pay more then?

    Scientology isn’t the only one that forbid abortion…
    And a contract is a contract. You’re responsible, scientologist or else, if you sign, you have to respect it.

    1. Anne O'Nymous says

      They take lots of money and they burden members with un-payable debts for “auditing” and other supposedly spiritual services. Then they force them to work unbelievable hours in order to “pay off” the “debts” they have accrued. Your point about having to respect any contract you sign is incorrect- legally and morally. If a contract is unlawful the law does not permit you to be forced to honor it. As an example, the typical scient0logy /Sea 0rg one agrees to servitude for “a million years”. Moreover, if you are forced or coerced into a contract, then it does not count either. Being psychologically coerced, (such as by being brainwashed) into signing a contract would also mean that you were not obliged to honor it- in law or ethics. Re; ethics- think of this quote from Martin Luther King- “an unjust law is no law at all”. Google the stuff that has happened to ex-scient0logists online- there is LOTS of material out there- keywords like
      squirrel , surpressive person, and leah remini are a good start- also look at “the hole”, stuff on the “secret” scientol0gy base in the desert and look up stuff on the wife of D. Miscavig1e – it is VERY informative- and, frankly, quite horrific.

  23. Mary says

    Tom and his children are doing very well and very happy. Nothing wrong for the children to be with their mother.

    Have a great happy new year

    1. Viv Harkness says

      That you Mary….Tom’s mother. Don’t leave the church will you or you’ll be another one with no access to your child.

  24. Emily G. says

    This girl didn’t even attend Nicole’s father’s funeral. She is not close with Nicole. Tom wouldn’t allow that. This is all lies.

  25. LadyJay says

    It’s a tragedy that it has taken so long for this cult to be revealed for the evil and abusive mind fuck that it is. Read people! There is not book after book after book of some of the ugliest abuse: Slave labor, mind control, child abuse, neglect and an insane megalomaniac, Miscavige who appears to be “separated at birth” from Cruise. These cults all have the same things in common: Demeaning anyone who disagrees, “hero-worship”, subjugation of the individual and so much more. Look closely! Many of the same things exist in the cult of communism/socialism/leftism.

  26. Pea Green says

    Tom Cruise. Lonely. Old. Man.

  27. Brenda Coxe says

    I find this article confusing simply because when Tom and Nicole first split up all reports indicated Isabella moved to Australia with her mother, and Tom even bought a home there close to Nicole. It makes me wonder which story is accurate or if things have simply changed over the years.

  28. bec says

    “See there’s this alien that took a bunch of people and made them take in all the evils in the world, then he placed them inside a live volcano and then those people burned and their souls filled with all that evil entered you and me and if we spend thousands of dollars and tell the church everything evil we ever did we’ll be free”.

    How the hell do people with brains fall for this sh*t? It sounds like a Sci-Fi movie…oh wait, that’s what L.Ron Hubbard did for a living, plus he made friends with the leader of the Church of Satan and was told that if you want to make a lot of money in America create a religion and he thought do it in LA cause thats where people make a lot of money.

    Scam Artist, and he’s dead but it’s still working…idiots

  29. Elizabeth says

    This cult can no longer hide behind the cloak of ignorance. The more we learn about their insane logic the more frightening it becomes.
    Hopefully their headquarters will get sucked underground when the big earthquake finally hits, go back to the Devil they sold their souls to.

  30. Captain Obvious says

    Am I really the only one that realizes Tom Cruise and David Miscavige have been on a sexual, intimate, weird relationship for years?

  31. Kia says

    Why is it such a big deal when someone leaves Scientology? People bail on Christianity and Islam religions all the time. All religions have rules that some people find is too controlling. What works for one person may not work for their spouse or children. Big deal!

    1. Coach says

      Because NOBODY leaves that cult without paying in some way. NOBODY. Cults are different from standard religions in that they are usually very restrictive.

  32. Coach says

    Isabella was adopted, so since he has turned his back on Suri, he would most CERTAINLY turn his back on Isabella.

  33. Deana says

    Any religion that makes you shun family because you chose to live your life differently is wrong in my opinion, but that’s all I have, an opinion…. The rest is up to GOD!!!

  34. Sandi says

    Good, though it would be a big decision for her. When was the last time Tom saw his youngest child Suri? I think it’s been several years. It’s a shame that he’s allowed this cult to completely take over his life. Nicole was frozen out after she left the marriage, even though she stayed very quiet about Scientology afterwards. But she’s turned out to be the winner.

  35. Jo Ann says

    Ever since his interview with Matt Lauer and comments about Brook Shield I have no respect for him. I remember his divorce from Nicole Kidman and him turning the kids away from their mom. He is a freak in plain English. You could tell Katie Holmes detested him and I knew she was waiting for the right moment to leave. So happy when that happened, I would never go to see a movie he was in. Big Creep

  36. SP8trillionandfoursixteeenths says

    I hope when I die that there are some invisible people living in the sky, space, or where ever the fuck they would be. Someone will be needed to show me where the can is or I’ll shit right in the middle of eternity and that would be embarrassing maybe… Unless, … my shit too is invisible!

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