Jennifer Lopez has More Plastic Surgery – Trying a Little Too Hard to Look Young (Photos)

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Jennifer Lopez has More Plastic Surgery - Trying a Little Too Hard to Look Young (Photos)

Have you caught a good look at Jennifer Lopez recently?  She’s up to something, I’d say. Photos that popped up right after her recent America’s Got Talent performance  have her face not exactly looking like her face. I’m going to cross my fingers and hope that she was caught at a weird moment because from what I see it looks like her eyes may never close!

Do you think Jen is resorting to plastic surgery and other cosmetic procedure’s? Let’s be real here. She’s not dating someone her age,. Casper Smart is this close to be twenty years younger than Jen.  That puts a ton of pressure on her to look young and stay as fresh as all the younger chicks that regularly hit on her man. That’s not an easy task, but if we’re headlong to a point where Jen can’t close her eyes and her forehead is frozen, well that crap is going to work against her fast!

Plus I just don’t think Casper insists that she look 25 as long as she continues lining his pocket and paying for his lifestyle! Jen would be better off dating a guy closer to her own age that is self made with his own money, don’t you think? I’m shocked that they’ve made it as a couple for this long, aren’t you?  One thing is for sure- Botox and injections or fillers won’t keep Casper around for very long.

How does Jen look to you? Has she been having some work done? Is it took much? Should she age gracefully or result to surgery to restore herself? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Allie says

    Wow… she looks ridiculous! Celebs never learn.

    1. niki says

      O gees…there it goes….the older woman trying to hold on to her youth….it’s gone….over….in your rear view mirror. Accept and be grateful for the present ! the past is long gone… cannot look the way you used to when you were 25. Impossible. You will look like an older woman who had work done and it may not be a positive !

      1. Margo says

        Seriously!! I don’t get it. Plastic surgery does NOT make you look young. You LOOK like someone who had plastic surgery! All the money these celebs have……have they just run out of other ways to spend it? What’s most confusing to me is what they see when they look in the mirror? HOW can they possibly think their clearly “frozen” looking face looks good??

        1. debra says

          I totally agree with you. I look at these faces and think “they must have gotten their mirror in a magic shop.”

          1. arlene says

            she should age grateful she was a gorgeous woman at one time but now i don’t no i still love her music fix ur self

        2. sugar daisy says

          There are SOME people who have good results with cosmetic surgery; these are the people who you think look good and are aging well, when in reality they have just had a moderate amount of surgery and didn’t go crazy with it.
          Pretty much every woman in Hollywood over the age of 40 (and even younger) has had some procedures done.

      2. CEZZAR says

        such hater.. jlo looks beautiful period.

        1. destina says

          I agree, people just hate beauty! She looks absolutely beautiful and has not done plastic surgery at all! People are just jealous because they wish they could look that good at 45! She looks better than a 25 year old! BTW, she looks too good for Casper! She needs to stand next to a real hunk of a Spanish, gorgeous, sexy man like Levy! Now that’s a great couple!!

          1. Ellen says

            Just because she looks good in the highly finished photos you see, doesn’t mean she looks good in person. I’m willing to bet she looks haggard.

        2. whocares says

          Absolutely. I could care less what her personal choices are. I’m comfortable with myself and have no need to put other women down.

    2. Janis says

      I would love to see JLo lose her looks…..she’s such a diva….

      1. KayStar says

        What a nasty diva comment!

        1. MARLENE MARTINEZ says

          haters gonna hate especially when it’s so easy to behind a computer/phone

      2. Embry says

        haha. jealous much? bitch please JLo has never been a diva.

        1. Daisy says

          JLO is such a diva that she won’t let anyone talk to her or look her in the eye.

          1. Klaudia Wagner says

            You’re RIGHT. She’s got seriously offended by the poor plain attendant, because she dared to ask her if she want’s to eat or drink something. She told her to leave her alone, and ask her assistant. With the horrible and rude attitude.

          2. MARLENE says

            yeah, must be that online law that, everything you read must be real. #smalltownmentality

    3. Robert Wright says

      Seen JLo in a movie On May 24th. “Money Train” Robert Blake was also in the movie. Been looked about 25.. Beautiful.

    4. Kathie Smothers says

      JL needs to take mor time with her kids!Money canbnot buy but so much so you need to ley go.Life do not stand still, you are going to age and really not to much you can do.Age with grace and stop trying to be something you are not!You are older and thats that.You can forget that young man, he will walk away also. You days of hotness is gone, really and no one but the people tou are paying will care about you trying to be a diva.I have no ideal why you were a the world music awards anyway.You can’t hang with Kathie/Rhianna/Molly/Tayor, bet they would love you at the Senior Citizen Place, or maybe not. They tnd to like people who can actually sing. JLo your 15 minutes are over!

      1. rochelle sherman says

        You are just so jealous, that is very, very sad, that you write about such a talented beautiful woman in such a hateful way. Get a life.

        1. destina says

          You are so stupid! She travels with her kids everywhere! Her mom baby sits them and is their personal teacher. Her mother is a teacher. Get your facts together before speaking so negatively about her mommy skills. You are all such haters and ignorant people, it’s so pathetic!!

        2. Ellen says

          She can’t sing…..

      2. P Flynn says

        I totally agree with Kathie — why can ‘t she see that her boyfriend is just with her because of her supporting him. Is she that dumb!!!!!!!!!!!! Stick with your children — they will be with you a lot longer than your “baby” man. He is taking her for a ride, but I guess she doesn’t care — so sad!

    5. Stephen says

      Ladies … stop having plastic surgery. Take it from a guy thats been around for awhile, you’re all beautiful. Stop thinking and believing otherwise.

      1. Carl says

        Save it, Dude, women have their own agenda and never like taking advice… from guys, LMFAO!

    6. Carl says

      I hope Jen had her ugly knees done too

    7. Theresa says

      I think she looks intoxicated!

  2. Nan says

    While this is all speculative about her actually getting surgery, I think she was absolutely beautiful before hand and trying to look younger for a man that is obviously sticking around because she is his meal ticket is really kind of stupid. I never thought there was anything attractive about Casper and always thought she could do better but love is blind and she probably just doesn’t see it. Anyone that has to spend HER money to throw her an extravagant birthday bash really is proving himself to be bilking her for her money or just lazy and doesn’t feel like earning his own money because spending hers is just easier, which is just deplorable in itself. I hope the rumors of her getting the home with Benny Betinez (her kids god father) is true and she does NOT intend for Casper to come along for the ride. FYI ~ Jen, you are gorgeous and a REAL man will love you for who you are and won’t expect you to change for them. I would kill to look like you at our age 🙂

  3. mary says

    I thought that was Latoya Jackson for a minute. She looks like she got a chin implant and may have done something to her forehead and eyes, like a brow lift. Look how her forehead is so big, like her scalp was cut and stretched up.

    1. Atiana says

      Can’t you tell that they distorted the picture? Look at the other pics to the side, they look flattened. Squooshed. and this pic is elongated, which makes her head look weird. They do this $h!t on purpose to make people talk. Look at her on TV shows and interviews, she’s flawless, still looks beautiful at 45. no surgery. She doesn’t smoke or drink, that’s what’s kept her beauty to last for so long.

  4. julia s says

    she has her butt injected so why not her face!

    1. karmen says

      omg shut a hater just because she is stunning and people nowadays.

      1. bella says

        I agree Karmen…Why hate or get mad at a Celebrity for trying to keep themselves looking the Best they can. It costs alot of money to maintain urself after a certain age…I am sure most women would do it IF they had the financial means to have it done. These women unlike most of us commenting are Photographed constantly and are Always in the spotlight…No Brainer U’ll have some work done after 40 yrs Old! She looks Fabulous! !

        1. Reagan says

          I will accept your opinion. But that doesn’t mean I like it. Bella no one should feel the need to change themselves simply because someone else thinks so. Most woman where I’m from wouldn’t even think about plastic surgery. I think that we as women should let the aging process progress the way its supposed to. Please don’t let the world’s and the 21st century’s ideas fog up your mind and tell you, you need to change. Love You The Way You Are Even Though I Have Never Meet You!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. debra says

      Because most people won’t see her butt but the face is out there for everyone to see lol

  5. cjrobinson says

    Are you not familiar with the raised eyebrow expression?!

    It’s not botox or she wouldn’t have the wrinkles across the forehead!

    And who wouldn’t have cosmetic surgery, or have whatever party they want, and date whomever he/she wants, with the amount of money Jennifer Lopez has?!

    I sure as hell would!!

    1. MissCane says

      Even in that fuzzy picture you can see deep wrinkles on her forehead and bags underneath her eyes. What Botox are you talking about?

    2. bella says

      I totally agree and I myself get Botox and Filler…get Real people! That’s what most people do after a certain age if they can afford it. Who wants to just get old and not try to keep a youthful appearance especially in Hollywood! !

  6. Pat Rigdon says

    I think Jennifer is crazy to go to all that trouble for a guy so much younger then
    she. She could have her pick of any great guy her own age she wants. But its
    her life and I say let her live it.

  7. Sheila Perrone says

    She looks drunk or high. She doesn’t need plastic surgery either. But I hear she doesn’t drink! And Casper Smart is a troll. An ugly son of a bitch! Sorry. Maybe he has a massive Wang and lunches at the tasty triangle daily .

    1. roger b. says

      What a nasty foul mouthed woman (notice I didn’t say lady) you are. Any woman who would have those words coming out of her mouth is no more than a skanky slut! Also sounds like you are really jealous that you don’t have a Casper in your life. You’re one NASTY ASS BITCH !

    2. KayStar says

      Wow, Ms. Sheila, do you kiss your family with that mouth? How crude!

  8. Leni says

    I don’t think Jennifer cares what Casper thinks one way or the other. Her real judges are herself and other famous women around her age. Also she had an equal but found him too controlling. She picks the men she does so she can feel superior and control them. I remember when she first came on the scene almost 20 yrs ago and she was very arrogant then. That has not changed but Jennifer no longer looks like herself.

  9. Me says

    I immediately thought of Cher when I saw this picture.

    1. j shott says

      Jen was a regular looking girl when she was a fly girl dancer…In fact she didn’t look all that good. NOW that she has all this money and was VOTED MOST BEAUTIFUL WOMEN she of course is looking to better and better herself. But in reality her hair is half fake, her butt gets injected, her face has been done over and she is so insecure that she keeps a young very nasty looking guy around. She thinks this way SHE looks best in the match up even if he is younger. Her man is only in it for THE MONEY, FAME, GOOD TIMES….Plus I read she built a whole show around his dancing…She is 40 something and has TWO KIDS…give it up Jenny HOE from the block…Its time to let the YOUNGER WOMEN STEP IN.. Look at Madonna she LOOKS TERRIBLE.she needs to go away her ship has sailed long ago…Jenny needs to go set an example for her kids and do the right thing..Her music sucks and she cant sing…I do think she could do some more comedy movies…..GIVE IT UP JENNY…..FROM THE BLOCK…

      1. Brittani says

        Jealous much? Tell me, how do you know her thoughts and feelings? Last time i checked you’re not her nor do you know her so who are you to say what she is thinking? Just because she took a bad photo doesnt mean she’s had surgery. It’s people like you that make celebrities think they need to have these surgeries and end up going crazy and have meltdowns. You people seem to forget the fact that every single celebrity on the face of this planet are HUMAN-BEINGS! They arent the fake robots like people make them seem. They have feelings and go through the same emotional problems as you do, as we all do. If not more so and worse than us because of people like you that get off on blasting and talking shit about them. Just because they are rich and have more money than most of us doesnt mean that they are problem and worry free. How do you think she has all of that money? It’s called hard work. Something that most americans dont know a damn thing abput due to the fact that their mommies and daddies give everything to them. Jenny came from the streets and worked hard to get where she’s at today so if she wants to blow yer money on cosmetics and her boyfriend, she has every right to. and just because she is dating a younger manbdoesnt mean she’s a bad mother and isnt there for her kids nor being a bad example for them. there are lots of average- everyday people that date younger men and their kids are fine. It’s funny how nobody says a damn thing when a man is with a 20+ year younfger woman but when it’s the other way around, she’s automatically a shitty mom and a bad influence. People need to stop being so sexist and closed minded and open thier eyes and see the big picture. Nobody’s perfect, not even you. Especially not celebrities. Show some support for human-sakes and stop worrying about what the celebrities do and worry about yourself and your own problems cause God knows you have issues of your own you need to focus on.

        1. Canela says

          WOOHOO!! Hey girl I agree 100%. I am 43 years old and pretty freaking good looking. I have always been pursued by younger men (mainly because I look much younger and am super silly in many ways which is like a kid energy) The point is, I completely agree with you. I currently have a 25 year old boyfriend. Trust me, I initially tripped on the age too but he pursued me with a vengeance and would not take NO for an answer. We have actually become really good friends now and the s*x is amazing, LOL. I am pretty sick of society passing judgement on us more mature women dating younger men. We have to endure being called ‘cougars’ and stupid crap like that. Let me reiterate, I do not pursue younger men, it’s the other way around and I’m not stupid, if the dude is hot and we click then hell yes! I’m going out with them. I’ve tried dating men my age, to much d*mn baggage.
          Will my relationship last? who knows but right now, I adore his company and I’m grateful he is in my life! And who in the h*ll knows if a relationship will last with someone your age also. So stop passing judgment on the age difference peeps.

        2. MissCane says

          AMEN AND AMEN. You told the truth that time.

  10. Christine says

    She should remember she’s a mother of twins–they should be her priority. Besides that, perhaps a reality check???

    1. Deb says

      WHY do people take their perfectly good-looking faces under the knife to look like someone else who isn’t nearly as attractive as they were prior to the surgery? Strange mentality…

  11. SKYoung says

    Just “live and let live”

  12. Jennifer A says

    why not just love the way God made you? when your soul is happy ur life and being is happy. Sorry money doesn’t buy intelligience or happiness. Love does.

    1. lisa says

      Jlo came from nothing to richness…. believe me she is not a dumb person. first of all she does not waste her time on line hating or judging people who she does not know.. she is too busy with her family and her career to be wasting her time on line judging people. So believe me Jlo is not dumb!!! I bet you jlo is more happy then you will probably ever be.

  13. Blanche Quizno says

    Jennifer’s forehead is growing. Perhaps she’s turning into a conehead! You see the same thing with poor Jessica Lange – her forehead’s grown about 2″! Jane Fonda, too. And don’t even get me started on Bo Derek! There’s some procedure these aging babes are having that apparently pulls their face clear back over the top of their skull and ends up moving their hairlines back back back. There’s a reason so many of them opt for bangs. Perhaps she’s channeling Melanie Griffith. Or Madonna O_O

    1. lorraine says

      A friend of mine had a facelift in Thailand and it moved her hairline up…

    2. Atiana says

      again, people, the picture is distorted by the editors of this web site. It’s been elongated which makes her head and chin look odd. Look at the other pics on this site. They are either stretched out flat, or elongated.

  14. Pat Johnson says

    Jennifer Lopez is one of the few female celebrities who is naturally beautiful.. why would she want to fix something that doesn’t need fixing..She has everything she needs, and if she thinks that she has to change her looks to please a man then she needs to look elsewhere..She has too many men who would be very happy just to be with her…Don’t go that route Jen…It’s not worth it..

    1. frida says

      Ive never found her attractive

  15. CaraMia says

    J. Lo looks like LaToya Jackson now.



    1. CEZZAR says

      shut up how could you compare to Whitney and Bobby. ..
      Jlo is hot, healthy, no drugs, healthy looking, gorgeous body… she looks better then most girls in the universe…. and she has a sucessful life …..
      JLo is a hard working female and amazingly has made a great jlo Empire and thats why people hate..

  17. H. Cote says

    Love the haters… cmon people. This is a bad photo and a bright flash. She looks like her old self with a little too much eye liner. I see no difference. Hate on, you big whiners.

  18. sarah says

    Oh come on!! Jennifer Lopez deserves to have a relationship with a younger more manageable dude! She’s the alpha and needs to be responsible for everything else in her life! she looks great and GOOD FOR HER!!

  19. Brittani says

    Question; You guys keep stating that this Casper guy is only with her for tue money… Please tell me- How do you know that? Last time i checked, not a single odne of you know either one of them personally so who are any of you to make speculations like that? Jenny is one of the most beautiful women i have ever seen so why is it that since she’s dating a younger man that you automatically assume that he’s with her for the dough? i’m wayyy younger than her- plus a female and i eould go lesbian for her, NOT for the money, and i’m as straight as they come. I know plenty of men, young and old, that would do anything to be with her. And about the plastic surgery… So what? It’s her body and her life.. if she wants to chop her nose off and shave her head- it’s HER CHOICE. I bet over half of you would get plastic surgery to change something on your body if you had the opportunity to. Nobody’s perfect, not even J.Lo, and if she wants to fuck her body/face up, let her. It’s her choice to make and if she makes a mistake by doing so, it’s her mistake to make. It’s not any of ya’ll decision

    1. Toto says

      Jen. one of the most what? You have eye prblm. go see a eye specialist.

  20. Brittani says

    to make for her. Also- if she wants to be with somebody younger than her (even if he’s using her for money,) yet again, it’s yer choice. who knows.. he could make her feel beautiful and young again. It’s ok for women to be with men 20-30 years older tuan her but she can’t be with a man younger? it should go both ways as lig as she is happy. That goes for everyone, not just Jennifer.

  21. Nadia says

    Wow. Today Christian Slater married a girl more than 20 years younger and nary a word. Still women attack women and allow the men to get away with it all. Jennifer Lopez looks beautiful , natural and ageless. I don’t think Casper gives a hoot about her age. All men are concerned with is hotness. She is hard working and holds her own in Hollywood. Bette Davis was relegated to playing crazy old woman at Jennifer’s age. Gone are the days when old men rule in Hollywood. However, it is apparent from these posts that women still need to work much harder at it. I think that many of the women writing these posts are extremely jealous of Jennifer. They are the same age and don’t look half as good, bratty kids, mortgages, non attentive fat husbands .They dream every night of looking like Jennifer and having a boyfriend 20 years younger. Yup!!

    1. Pat says

      Love Yah,
      High big 5’s for your wisdom and freedom in expressing the truth about these old washed out haters. They all need to go somewhere and take a real look at their Barbie doll fantasy lives. Thanks for sharing the good stuff for The Jaylo.

    2. aneesa says

      OMG. I agree with you 100%. These illiterate morons hating on jennifer and saying that she has had plastic surgery and botox actually look like wrinkly old hags themselves. She is raising her eyebrows in surprise and that is what is giving her this weird look. Oh and by the way if she had had botox or some other injection wrinkles would not be forming on her forehead hence it makes sense that she has not had any such treatment and i think deep down all those haters know this but cannot believe that she could be this beautiful without help so they make up this story to soothe their egos.

    3. aneesa says

      and all those people saying that she has had plastic surgery which has increased the size of her forehead should look at her older pictures and then they will find out that her forehead has always been fairly big.

    4. Rosie says

      Hold on now. Your comments on Bette Davis are way wrong. Bette Davis was not afraid to take on roles of “aged women”. And as far as acting, Ms. Davis had something Ms. Lopez will never have, talent. I could give a rats ass how much money Ms. Lopez has, how many young guys she dates or whatever she does to maintain her youth. It is her choice but time is going to catch up with her. Beauty is only skin deep. And physical beauty is not important. Inner beauty is what counts. I think Ms. Lopez is either very vain or very insecure. She has never been able to maintain a lasting relationship. No. I am not a hater but then too I am no fan of Ms. Lopez. I for one cannot see her as an accomplished actress or a singer. But she has made her mark somehow. Whether she dates a 25 year old or a 90 year old is of no importance to me. I could care less but I do find it highly laughable that her fans find her so beautiful and gifted. Ms. Davis never resorted to plastic surgeries and even after having a massive stroke later in life she was not afraid to be herself. Ms. Lopez I think is afraid of growing older. But it is a fact of life. We all age. Grow up Ms. Lopez. By the way I do not hate her but given the choice of a Lopez movie and a Davis movie, I’ll pick Davis every time!

  22. Bev says

    The picture looks like the mother is holding the son’s hand. Time to grow up Jennifer Lopez!

  23. Bev says

    The picture looks like the mother is holding the son’s hand, time to grow up Jennifer Lopez!

  24. Finer says

    Oh My Gosh she looks just drunk not post under the knife!

  25. Cheryl says

    She doesn’t look younger, just frozen face where wrinkles should be. so sad.

    1. Pat says

      Jenny has every right to do her own thing and not your thing. Mind your own dumb out dated stupid ass business and it will enable you to use more of your brain mass for greater things. I am tired of your high opinionated, jealous, self righteous comments. Worry about your own children. Jaylo has the dough to keep her beautiful babies in mint condition. So, you can kindly kiss her red shoe bottoms. Thank you

    2. CEZZAR says

      shut up .. she does not look frozen hater.. she is beautiful !!! hater.

  26. Paul glatzer says

    What i think with my option ? She look great & Go getter & Does any super star wear that stuff . The answer is yes they do & Being attractive star want to be feel younger as their heart & making her beautiful & Getting comment to win younger lady heart . With full of smile bring to them .

  27. hotboxyomama says


  28. Kendra says

    She had surgery right after her kids were born. All of a sudden her face and jaw were tighter.

  29. katherine long says

    cameras don’t always take good pictures—doesn’t mean she had bad plastic surgery–just a bad picture of her

  30. diamond4321 says

    When will “stars” learn that growing old gracefully looks a whole lot better than getting their faces chopped and stretched. J. Lo looks horrible.

  31. June says

    First off, I wanna say I dont like Jennifer Lopez, I never have and I never will. She seems like a ruthless person. But I will.her credit. While early 40s isnt old, she does look much younger than that. I do think whatever she is doing, is working. Its good she got a younger boyfriend, they are hotter. I dont see why she has to walk around looking run down and giving up on life like I see so many old(er) people do. Keep yourself up and youthful, definitely if you have the means. I see anything wrong with that.

  32. Bryan says

    She looks like she is on something, but who cares..she is very Ugly inside and Not a good person, she is a Greedy Trashy classless creep, always looking for media attention to try and fuel her fading career..maybe she should’t have used real fur in her stupid clothing line and enabled more killing of innocent animals! She is nasty and a mediocre talent at best…sorry but i hope she retires.

    1. CEZZAR says

      how could you say that she is Greddy and Trashy clasless? are you her family? You have no facts to be accusing some of being a ugly person? She has worked hard to aquire what she got, she has put up with alot of hateful people like you that trying to bring someone down when they see them being successful. JLo has a lot of talent, thats why she has done great in life and yes better then you too. I think you are just bitter because she managed to be more successful then you. I mean tell it how it is, she was inspire and determined to live her dream and she has accomplished a lot. Bryan take it easy and stop hating or judging a female who has worked hard in life to make a life for herself.

  33. R says

    She had to get plastic surgery to survive in that industry.

  34. Debra says

    Jen should grow old gracefully. She is gorgeous.

  35. Rita says

    WHY do people OBSESS over “CELEBRITIES”? I was redirected to this page and when I scanned a few of the comments and the amount of time WASTED talking about so and so’s LOOKS or MONEY or BOOB JOB, I was appalled! The United States of America is home to the most selfish, narcissistic, illiterate, lazy, unintelligent, obese, people on this planet!

    Our country USED to be THE GREATEST NATION in this WORLD. I’m afraid we are about to LOSE that title along with ALL of our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS as a FREE DEMOCRATIC SOCIETY!

    If EVERYONE would spend just 30 minutes a day LEARNING something NEW, HELPING a NEIGHBOR, SAYING something NICE to ANOTHER PERSON, VOLUNTEERING at an ANIMAL SHELTER, TELLING your FAMILY members you LOVE them, PICKING up some TRASH, SPENDING QUALITY TIME with your KIDS, DONATING to the NEEDY, LEARNING about how our GOVERNMENT works, TAKING a WALK OUTDOORS, or JUST….TURNING….OFF….the….TV….how much BETTER OFF we would ALL be!!!!

    Do you REALLY want to CONTINUE WASTING PRECIOUS TIME chattering about other peoples’ “DREAM LIFESTYLE” when YOU could be BUILDING a DREAM LIFESTYLE for YOURSELF?

  36. Dee says

    I watch American Idol every week, I don’t believe she has had plastic surgery but I am almost positive she uses injections of some kind and Botox. Her forehead doesn’t move and her cheekbones almost look hard. Sure like who is sitting to her right though KU

  37. JOHN EDWARDS says


  38. Penelope says

    I love Jennifer Lopez. She is a gorgeous looking woman. I think people who criticize are just downright jealous. Don’t be jealous because she is beautiul.Younger men are more compatible with older women then these old farts that can’t get it up. I know I’m married to one.

  39. fatalreview says

    how can you possibly pick JLo apart for being an aging poptard flesh puppet when there is that gaping delusional gash MeMe around-eh gads what a scary hag in every live sighting made worse only by the ridiculously unreal promo art she puts out of her self-JLo is the least fake of all of them and still in great shape unlike MeMe the annoying whale

    1. Donna says

      People are so gullible. The article does not SAY she had plastic surgery. The writer is just commenting it looks like she did. People are so ready to believe anything and tear people down. What a world we live in!!

      1. CEZZAR says

        she has not had a surgery but if she did so what!! is 2014 not 1810 people are such idiots and so judmental!!! but yeah people believes anything anyone writes on the web.

  40. Lena says

    Even though I’ve never been a big fan of Jennifer Lopez I do give her recognition and props for doing excellent work in Selena and a few other projects that were good such as Enough, Wedding Planner and Mi Familia amongst others that she was notably better than average in. I think her singing capability is limited as her vocals are thin, her dancing isn’t the best but she is better than average and owns the stage. She was trend setter for wearing daring designer gowns, and being proud of her voluptuous derriere (for which i don’t think she needs or takes injections). I give her the most credit for doing the most with what she has and (yes that too ) which is that through her acute business savvy (or that of a great business manager’s ) and her entrepreneurship (clothing designer, perfumier) J.Lo. has resurrected her career and reinvented herself by becoming a judge on A.I. and getting her face and bod plastered all over the place via T.V. and Magazine ad endorsements. She produced and hosted a Latino version of A.I. with Marc Anthony, from which this season’s A.I . has used utilized a segment of its format. (the contestant elimination in the airplane hangar before they hit the ground running).
    Do I think she’s had facial work or surgery done? I perceive that J.Lo has refined her nose and possibly has done minimal work to her eyes, and has perhaps had some skin refining and possible fat injections or filler.. But per the photos shown, she has noticeably deeep brow creases which would indicate the absence of botox in that part of her face. Someone suggested she had a chin implant which i don’t see however it’s very common that if someone does refine or redesign their nose, a surgeon might recommend even a small chin implant to make the face more balanced. She obviously takes good care of herself to stay in peak physical condition ( look at her legs and muscle tone) because she does a strenuous workout for her stage show. That is why Madonna is so muscular. I think J.Lo looks great for her age and money certainly helps to buy the best of anything needed to maintain whatever it takes whether it’s facials, spa, P.T. etc. however she still looks like her present boyfriend Casper’s Mom- And i think she should dress more age appropriately. J.Lo could obviously care less and I don’t blame her. Men still don’t get slammed for hooking up with or marrying girls young enough to be their granddaughters let alone daughters.
    So, even though i wouldn’t buy a J.Lo single or album, or pay to see one of her flicks, (except Selena), I admire her tenacity and say that if she had some work it doesn’t reflect the rubber mask for a face that some very young to older actresses who have had too much done, sport. and they all look the same. its like seeing an old twilight zone. I don’t even like J.Lo much but I wouldn’t say some of the things I’ve been reading on this board. Yes everyone’s got the right to their opinion, but sound like a lot of what”s been said is out of jealousy. JMHO

  41. CEZZAR says

    Jlo is stunning as always, she always looked great and i swear people is never happy they complaint for everything , i swear if she gains weight they will say she is fat if she looses weight well she is too skinny i mean bunch of haters thats what they are. I mean you cant denied Jlo is stunning, regardless of whatever and to those that say she looks good because of money well whatever the case is she looks gorgeous and has a body of a godest. In order to have a body as her takes a lot more then money believe me as you may have notice a lot of celebrities have a hard time loosing weight. anyways jlo looks hot , gorgeous and haters are pathetic. I hate on nobody is not of my character. JLo keep doing you and keep looking great so this haterz can keep talking lol.

  42. Ellen says

    I think a little nip and tuck is okay, but all this extreme surgery makes people look weird, not young. You can’t stay young on the outside. The best you can do is stay young in your heart, take care of your health, respect your body and age beautifully. Can you imagine being around for 60 years and looking 25? Just get together with your girlfriends and get really silly.

    Nobody escapes.

  43. Andrea says

    Nikki Leigh,
    You are a professional writer and yet you still do not know that the plural of “procedure” is “procedures”. Please complete the first grade before bashing people you’ve never met. Kind regards.

  44. rosenda says

    that is the beginnig of troubles, when they´re not agree with they´re, cannot be the same never. after that she´s going to transform their body, her face and became horrible but it´s going to be late.

  45. TRUTH says

    ITS CALLED BEING PUERTO RICAN and GOOD GENES. White women need plastic surgery. The elastic in the skin is weaker. Puerto ricans and blacks USUALLY don’t. There are some that could maybe use some but 90% of the time they’re skin naturally stays looking young. Her mother looks just as good and doesn’t need to do any surgery either. YOU ALL ARE JUST jealous. Of her money fame and looks. Boring. What else is new. You wouldn’t be yr ordinary below average thinking American if you weren’t

    1. Ellen says

      This white girl isn’t jealous. This white girl didn’t need a nose job (like J. did early in her career) so lay off.

      Now, I agree that in her business she has to look good. And she does, she looks great. She’s had a lot of little things done, i.e., fillers, botox, laser treatments, nose job, because she can afford the best that is out there.

      …and now her fat ass is in style!

  46. Jack Ketch says

    What th HELL are procedure’s?????? Whoever writes ths site cannot spell. First and last visit.

  47. judy says

    shouldn.t it be her business and not everyone elses ? someone is always making comments about anyone just to be heard !

  48. Soleil says

    it is very evident that she had her lips injected!..or i may say, overhauling, as far as her face is concern!.well, she’s got the money, beauty n sexy body.She’s happy and in love with Casper, so what’s wrong with that?

  49. Maddy Bohman says

    The problem is us older women are now put down if we are overweight. Even middle aged men are extremely critical. I admit I look up to the celebrities. I can’t afford to have much procedures. But the way that the celebrities look all the young girls want and idol these women. I do believe for our youth it plays into the insanity of eating d.os. Which is sad. We can’t keep up with celebs and that’s not fair. Our new generation is severely suffering. They idolize these women. They don’t want to hear that it is fake. It in a way is ruining their lives. All the celebs idolize each other. J Lo is one of thousands causing misrepresentation of how we age. We all want to look good. And fake looks good especially to men. It will never change. Ever!

  50. Penny says

    Jennifer Lopez… trying a little too hard to look young. Oh do shut up! If she didn’t stay fit and attractive your site would be bashing her for being an old hag. She tries to look fresh and your site bashes her for taking a bad photo. I’d like to see how attractive the people commenting on this and writing for this website look at J Lo’s age. I’m guessing not as good as Jennifer Lopez. She’s in a seriously tough industry when it comes to aging gracefully as a woman. Give the woman a break!

  51. Jennifer says

    Jennifer Lopez u look good, If I have never read this, I would have never known if u had surgery, and guess what, who cares, people out there get a life, one can do what they want, u my girl!!!!!!!!

  52. MJ says

    I don’t know that she needs plastic surgery as much as he does. Is that her boyfriend there beside her in the photo? Ick. He looks like a homely little elf. I think she could do better.

  53. Candy says

    I thought Casper was gay. Didn’t he get busted with a dragqueen?

  54. Young Hitta says

    The lad will just make sure he gets more income from her and I bet he is going to leave her and go out there to look for a lady his age.

  55. mahi says

    Silly plastic surgery fools no one, as silly as a toupée. Everyone knows what’s going on but they just don’t say anything

  56. AT says

    I have seen JLO in person and she did look good but for some reason her face looked really pale like the photo i am looking at right now and i don’t know if it was the make up but it could have been too light for her completion but then i saw more photos of her and she looked way different but she looked good like she had a tan i am going to say it’s the makeup she does have a great figure though and she does know how to keep herself in shape she should make a fitness video i would love to know her secret since he has a nice body

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