Liam Hemsworth Dumps Miley Cyrus for Good

Liam Hemsworth Dumps Miley Cyrus for Good

I guess Liam Hemsworth got tired of dating a rebellious little girl and has finally put an end to his nearly four year relationship with Miley Cyrus. They had been off/on for the last few months but Liam has been afraid to leave because the last time they split up Miley went bonkers and it wasn’t exactly a situation that he really wanted to revisit.

According to US Weekly, Liam decided he couldn’t go through the motions anymore and ended things for good and it’s a move that his friends and family are all applauding. They feel Miley is a child and has been holding Liam back for quite awhile now. Maybe those cozy chats that he has been spotted having with Jennifer Lawrence lit a fire under the Australian actor. The two are said to have serious chemistry but always resisted it because they were seeing other people.  Now could be the perfect time for them to test the waters a bit, don’t you think?

Ultimately it just sounds like Liam is really craving the attention and interaction of a much more adult relationship. He got together with Miley when she was really young and instead of growing up she appears to prefer to rebel and push buttons. She’s not the best match for a man that might be looking for something more serious.

Are you surprised to learn that Liam and Miley are finished? Who do you think would be a good match for her? She was spotted not too long ago having lunch with ex Nick Jonas. At the time it was thought to be a way to push Liam’s buttons and maybe that’s just it, he’s sick of someone playing games! Tell us your thoughts on these two in the comments below!

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