Robert Kardashian Settles With Photographer Over Camera Equipment

Robert Kardashian Settles With Photographer Over Camera Equipment

Back in March, a snapper by the name of Andra Viak snapped some shirtless photos of Rob Kardashian. He was pretty lardy at the time, so he had a bit of a conniption fit when he noticed the photographer taking his picture.

He was said to have stolen her camera equipment, so she pursued a lawsuit against him. Basically, she was waiting for him in the parking garage of a west Hollywood gym and he removed his shirt and she began snapping photos. So, he snatched up her memory card and kept it.She brought a lawsuit against him and he was charged by prosecutors with battery and petty theft. Basically, he appeared in court today and they all reached a settlement in the case. He paid for the cost of the equipment and everyone is happy.

Except for maybe Rob, who is still apparently packing on a few extra pounds. Perhaps if he didn’t want his photo taken without a shirt on, he shouldn’t have taken it off in a public place?!? Just sayin’…. What do you think?

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet


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