Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 “7 Chefs Compete – Part 1” RECAP 5/30/13

Hell’s Kitchen Season 11 “7 Chefs Compete - Part 1” RECAP 5/30/13

Hell’s Kitchen returns to FOX tonight with a new episode called, “7 Chefs Compete – Part 1.”   On last week’s show the remaining eight chefs took a spin to determine which type of international cuisine they would cook in a challenge that tested their ability to create an exquisite ethnic dish using only select ingredients.

The winning team earned a shopping spree and private lunch, while the losing team had to restock wine and prep the bar for dinner service. Later, one team fell behind even before dinner service begins, and the other team’s strongest competitor made shocking mistakes that put Chef Ramsay over the edge, forcing him to send both teams out of the kitchen. After the worst dinner service in HELL’S KITCHEN history, each team had to nominate their weakest chef in another explosive elimination round.  At the end of the episode Nedra was sent home.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you!

On tonight’s show every great chef has a discerning palate, so Chef Ramsay tests each chef’s ability to identify ingredients relying solely on their taste buds in the blind taste challenge. The winning team is granted a luxurious sushi meal overlooking the ocean followed by a relaxing day of horseback riding. Meanwhile, the losing team is charged with delivery day duties and backbreaking labor in HELL’S KITCHEN. Later, Chef Ramsay presents the chefs with a surprising challenge in order to determine which contestant deserves immunity in the next dinner service and will move one step closer to a life-changing prize.


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