Amanda Bynes Gets Evicted From NYC Apartment Building

Amanda Bynes Gets Evicted From NYC Apartment Building

On Tuesday, Amanda Bynes was apparently given her walking papers from her NYC apartment! Who knew?!?

She was said to have been evicted from her midtown Manhattan high rise building according to In Touch Weekly. A source told the publication, “At 9pm on Tuesday, movers showed up and removed Amanda’s belongings from her apartment.”

The source went on to say, “Even before her arrest, residents had constant complaints about the smell of marijuana coming from her apartment. She had also cursed out residents and the doormen, and the smell of pot from her apartment was really annoying people.”

We’re guessing that she’s going to have to start looking around for another high rise building to start throwing “vases” out of! And here we were thinking that she “doesn’t do drugs”…[Enter sarcasm here]

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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