Nicole Kidman Has Meltdown At Keith Urban For Not Supporting Her

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Nicole Kidman Has Meltdown At Keith Urban For Not Supporting Her

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman appear to have a pretty solid marriage but am I the only one who thinks that she might be just a little difficult to live with? I didn’t think so. The couple of seven years had a pretty volatile clash recently and it was all over The Cannes Film Festival. Nicole was preparing to go and Keith was exhausted coming off of his American Idol run and didn’t feel like making the trip to Paris.  According to the June 10th print edition of Star magazine Nicole completely lost her mind.

She was screaming, yelling and crying over Keith’s “unsupportiveness” until he finally decided it was a whole lot easier to hop on a flight rather than to listen to her nonsense. I have to admit, when I think of Nicole I either envision an ice queen or exactly the scenario that was described above.

She may have a dicey temperament, but her adopted daughter with Tom Cruise, Isabella Cruise is still enjoying her company. The two began to reconnect recently after Isabella and her boyfriend finally decided to get brave and break away from the strangle hold that Scientology had on their lives. When Nicole and Tom split up he had custody of Isabella and insisted that she follow the Scientology rule of shunning non-believers. That did include her mother Nicole. My guess is that Nicole must have a softer side that only comes out behind closed doors and that’s what Isabella is now getting to know as a grown young woman.

As for Nicole’s meltdown, do you think those types of situations between her and Keith happen often? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!


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  1. Meiqua says

    Nothing like support from your significant other!!! I need him to do better!

  2. NicolaGossips says

    Scientology or not. Those are you’re kids, and she put up NO FIGHT. That says all I need to know about Nicole.

  3. GossipRox says

    She’s an ice queen who expects Keith to jump at her beck and call. Glad he’s growing a pair of cojones.

  4. HatetheletterK says

    Nicole lived under the rath of Tom and scientology for a long time. She doesn’t have to take anymore crap from anyone.

  5. Sandra says

    I think that glamour was too much to Keith and he needs more a Family life than a glamours one

  6. Lola says

    I think she is someone who just wanted to get out of town for a while. Keith gets to travel while she is pretty much home with the kids these days. I would have made a bit of a fuss, as well. Films are her forte’, while music is Keith’s. It’s and honour to be invited to the festival. She shouldn’t be the sacrificial lamb in the relationship.

  7. Blogger with a brain says

    I think this is total nonsense and lies and drama…where is any confirmation that this story is true???? They appear to be a happy, supportive and loing couple and they BOTH have had issues and sadness in their past. They found each other- let them be happy. As far as Nicole-to me she seems like a very kind and sweet lady, wife and mother,

  8. Tired of Trash writing says

    Yep Blogger with a brain you are right. This is trash writing and hateful. Destructive to a person at best.

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