Jessica Simpson Sued Over OK! Magazine Cover

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Jessica Simpson Sued Over OK! Magazine Cover

Jessica Simpson is being named in a lawsuit by a guy whose child she was photographed with on the cover of OK! magazine. The lawsuit basically states that Jessica hatched a plan to make some cash off a photo of herself with a baby on the cover of the tabloid — well before her own daughter was born. Crazy, right?

Christopher Hurst claims that he took his infant son and teenage daughter to a department store in October 2011 to meet Jessica. He says that when he got closer to Jessica, a stranger there advised him to hand his baby to Jessica. He did so and a photographer began snapping pictures. TMZ has more details:

According to the suit, Hurst was stunned months later when OK! splashed the pic on its cover, making it appear it was Jessica’s baby. The irony — Jessica’s baby wasn’t even born yet.

The lawsuit accuses Jessica of being in on the plot, claiming she had a deal with a competing mag to sell the first baby pic for $800k, but then got greedy and hatched a plot with OK! to double dip with a baby that wasn’t even hers.

Hurst is suing Simpson, OK! magazine, and Getty Images for damages in excess of $75,000.

It’s funny that they think she’s smart enough to concoct a plan such as this. It’s way too elaborate for her small mind, isn’t it?

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  1. monkeysuit says

    Not sure why Jessica would be sued but the magazine makes sense. They put the pic on there.

  2. Ciera Chantál says

    Why would he just hand Jessica his baby? She’s not smart enough to think of this…it’s a little too complexed for our girl Jess.

  3. Allie says

    another ridiculous lawsuit

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