The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Season 9 Episode 4 SPOILERS! “One Bachelor Reveals A Secret”

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The Bachelorette 2013 Desiree Hartsock Season 9 Episode 4 SPOILERS! "One Bachelor Reveals A Secret"

This week The Bachelorette continues as the 13 remaining bachelors continue their pursuit for Desiree Hartsock‘s heart.  The remaining bachelors start their romantic global tour with Desiree in Atlantic City, as the iconic resort plays host to a hot competition between the handsome men and touching surprise for a married couple dramatically affected by Super storm Sandy.

This week there was some speculation as to whether Desiree will find her Prince Charming.  Rumor has it a lot of the men competing don’t really think she is sexy enough.  I guess time will tell!

Desiree starts her world tour searching for love in the popular, nostalgic seaside resort of Atlantic City, New Jersey, where some of her hunky beaus will compete for the coveted title of “The Bachelorette’s Mr. America.”  They better watch out about that because rumor on the street is Desiree likes losers

And on a more serious note, the Bachelorette and James go on a very different type of date to Seaside Heights, New Jersey, as they view the damage done by Superstorm Sandy and meet a couple who survived the hurricane but lost everything they had, spending their 38th wedding anniversary in a Red Cross shelter. What surprises do Desiree and James have in store for the couple – and for each other? As the waves crash on shore, the tension at the cocktail party builds. Desperate times call for desperate measures and the men try and do whatever they can to ensure they get a rose to travel with Desiree to the next exciting location.

As the men settle in their luxury suite at Revel Resort & Casino in Atlantic City, Brad learns he will have the opportunity to pursue Desiree on a one-on-one date that begins with a stroll down the historic boardwalk to the famed Steel Pier amusement park and a scrumptious private tour of a saltwater taffy factory. Then the Bachelorette and this single dad enjoy a glass of wine in a spectacular sandcastle fit for a princess and dine in a historic lighthouse, romantically overlooking the ocean. But will she give this hopeful guy a rose?

The final one-on-one date takes a 180-degree turn: A representative from the Red Cross takes Desiree and James up in a helicopter to view the damage done to Atlantic City’s neighboring communities during Superstorm Sandy, including Seaside Heights, which took the brunt of the powerful hurricane. They meet Manny and Jan, a married couple who lost their home and all of their possessions in the storm. They never even had the opportunity to celebrate their 38th wedding anniversary. Touched by their heart-wrenching story, Desiree and James decide to give the couple their extravagant date – a lavish dinner — and a special gift from the Red Cross. Meanwhile the Bachelorette couple grabs a slice of pizza and gets to know one another better. James is so moved by the love shared by Manny and Jan that he decides to reveal a secret from his past. But is this too much information too soon, and will it kill his chances for a rose?

Desiree has one more surprise for the couple — a private concert by country music chart-topper Darius Rucker.The men’s anxiety level is high as the cocktail party begins. Bryden struggles with his feelings for Desiree and Zack K. is desperate to stay on this journey.

By the end of the evening, 11 lucky bachelors remain, and it will be up to Desiree to determine if she is in love with any of them when they get to their next spectacular stop on the adventure: Munich.

Don’t forget to tune in Monday June 17th, 2013  for our live coverage of The Bachelorette Desiree Hartsock, Week 4 at 8PM EST.

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