Joe Giudice’s Mistress, Nicole Cemelli Calls Teresa Giudice!

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Joe Giudice's Mistress, Nicole Cemelli Calls Teresa Giudice!

Oh boy, things just got pretty interesting for The Real Housewive’s of New Jersey‘s Teresa Giudice!  Photos surfaced recently of her husband, Joe Giudice throwing back several martinis in NYC with a mystery woman. As it turns out, the hot brunette was actually Nicole Cemelli, the Giudice’s former nanny!  This is where it gets interesting because apparently Nicole was fired in 2010 after Teresa caught her bent over a desk with Joe!

The June 23rd print edition of In Touch claims that after the photos surfaced Nicole took it a step further and actually called Tre! She supposedly was crying and pleading with the reality star to believe her that nothing at all was brewing between her and Joe.  Nicole insists that she never had sex with Joe in spite of what Teresa has seen with her own eyes.

Teresa needs to live in her own world because she actually chose to believe Nicole! Sources close to her say that she is in damage control mode and just wants to make it all go away and fast. She’s never been one to acknowledge the problems in her marriage, partly because thanks to her super religious upbringing divorce is supposedly not an option.

I still say if Joe is sent “away” for several years that distance is going to allow Teresa to take a clearer look at the dead weight that she has been carrying. Will Teresa ever leave Joe?  She has to realize that she alone is the bread winner, parent and the person that holds her kids together. Joe helps with none of that so her life would actually be easier without him. I think the end is in sight. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

Image credit: William T. Wade Jr./FAMEFLYNET PICTURES

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