Kim Kardashian Hated Being Pregnant

Kim Kardashian Hated Being Pregnant

Kim Kardashian threatened to kill herself if the pain of having a minor injection was anything like being in labor. The new mother, who gave birth to a baby girl on Saturday, made quite a fuss on Sunday night’s episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, in which scenes were shown that had the reality star acting absolutely absurd.

At one point, the 32-year old rushed to her doctor after returning from a flight back to Los Angeles; she was feeling “terrible pain” in her stomach which had her worried something may have happened to the baby. After the doctor reassured her that little Kimye was fine and that she just needed to stick to her medications and stop traveling around the world, she’d be fine.

Well, Kim continued her acting skills when she got home and jumped into her bed and told mother Kris Jenner that if the pain she was feeling at the time was anything like labor, she would slit her throat and kill herself. Overly dramatic, right? We thought so!

If labour is worse than this I will hang myself, I will literally take a knife and slit my throat,” Kim said during her talk with her mother who seemed very worried, not realizing that her daughter was just being a drama queen. Or maybe Kris was just playing along with her fake tears? We’re not doubting it.

The episode aired just one day after Kim gave birth, and it really showed how much the Kim hated being pregnant; throughout the nine months she complained about her eating habits, her weight, not being able to spend enough time with Kanye, losing her figure, the stomach pain, etc! She just wouldn’t shut up.

But then again, it’s hard to believe Kim because  she fakes everything for reality television. Here’s a tip if you should ever get pregnant again. Stop flying all around the world within a matter of days, put your feet up and rest. But no, Kim is special and has to make appearances in Paris, Nigeria, London, New York, LA, Vegas, Brazil. Ugh.

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