Kris Jenner To Manage Amanda Bynes’ Mental Health Recovery and Rap Career – REPORT

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What Is Amanda Bynes Smoking In New York?

Kris Jenner might be shrewd in managing her own daughter’s lives, but that is more of a built in momager position. Amanda Bynes is not brain dead just on mental overload right now? There are rumors that Kris Jenner’s has approached her future son-in-law Kanye West to “throw her a bone” and endorse Amanda Bynes’ potential rap music career. Get this Kris do you honestly think “stretch mouth” Kanye West will scratch your back and do you a favor just because your daughter Kim Kardashian scratched his? I don’t think so!

Kris Jenner would be better off sticking with what she knows, and that is telling the Kardashian girls to put one foot up and one foot down. If you know what I mean? Well, look at where it got one of her daughter’s Kim Kardashian.  So Amanda if you fall in the hands of a master manipulator such as Kris Jenner prepare yourself for a rocky ride of mental apathy. You will be led around by Kris Jenner and she will not necessarily be checking on your mental state, she will be trying to showcase you to Kanye West.  Kris wants to show she is the leader of the pack in her family not egotistical cross-eyed Kanye.

Amanda get your own Music act together. Even if you can not sing a lick you must know some body to pull your string. Meanwhile, Kris Jenner flying off the radar and sending out signals, she is a music mogul is really far fetched. Maybe Kris Jenner wants to turn back the hands of time at Amanda Bynes’s expense and appearance?

Look Amanda lets call you a lovely statuesque attractive girl. Well, we are only calling you that because you have a bombshell of foolish images all over the place.

Do you think Amanda Byne should clean up her act and allow Kris Jenner to co-host her mental recovery and Music career?  Hit the comments and let us know your thought.


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